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The main reason for fitness failure.

Your personal fitness is a gift but it’s not handed to you. Your strength is a gift, but it’s not handed to you. You are given the raw material but you have to build your strength and fitness. We all have the potential to be in top shape for life. Some bury that potential, some build it. But at some point, burying potential will hurt. Always does. None of us is immune from the regret of underachieving, in mind, body, and soul. Here’s some evidence – there’s no shortage of miserable, angry people who suffer lingering, unresolved cognitive dissonance by contradicting themselves, by not becoming their intended selves, by burying their God-given gifts and talents, then expressing it with emotional outrage that pollutes the environment.

There is a list of causes for fitness failure but one is the undisputed top enemy – The Process. The Process is the leading cause for quitting, for giving up and giving in. No achievement just happens. Achievement doesn’t happen overnight, accidentally, or randomly. Achievement is dependent on high-performance, a level of performance that many strive for but not all reach because of the demands of The Process. The same applies to fitness.

The Process is the natural struggle that all achievement and high-performance must pass through. It’s the grind of day-to-day struggle to make ‘it’ work and make ‘it’ workout including yourself. The process applies to every aspect of private and professional life. What you become and don’t become is directly connected to who wins the fight with The Process – you or The Process. The same applies to your team that you lead. What your team becomes or doesn’t become is directly connected to its level of commitment to The Process.

I have been a volunteer football coach for 40 seasons and taught college law enforcement for two decades. I preached The Process to over 22,000 who all wanted the same thing. They were all fighting for the same prize. Some looked for shortcuts. Others didn’t. But their fight with The Process all started in the gym. Physical fitness wasn’t an option, it wasn’t just a recommendation, it was an obligation.

There is no way to circumvent The Process. There is no pill, no needle, no 30-day special workout, no 10-day magic diet. I was an obese, dysfunctional 12- year-old who could not fasten the belt on my little league football pants. The Process I went through to lose fat wasn’t easy. The Process to never return to obesity has not been easy. The Process to stay in top shape for life is never easy. The only thing easy is giving up the fight with The Process and making the conscious decision to let yourself go for good but not for your good.

The elusive search for the secret to fitness starts at the top with mindset. You can Google workout programs that don’t fit, nutrition plans that don’t fit, and expensive workout clothes that don’t fit. You can search Youtube for workout program and motivation to entertain yourself but nothing will work out without building the right mindset to fight The Process day in, day out.

Blunt Talk Podcast and X Fitness are producing a 12-part series called The Process. The guests include X Players. Dual meaning – ex-student athletes who I have coached, who went through X Fitness Football Process on the field and in the weight room. Football was a part of The Process but not the full story. Each X Player will explain lessons learned during their personal journey through The Process and how The Process led to remarkable achievements on and off the field, in business, academics, career, and lifelong fitness. Each one started from scratch. Each one was an underdog. Each one went through The Process to beat the odds on and off the field, long after their playing careers ended. Lessons learned for The Process can be transferred to any field – sports, business, academics, careers, and personal life. We didn’t invite the rich and famous to be guests. We invited Grassroots Successes to share their stories. Each has a soul of a lifter, who lifted themselves and entire underdog teams beyond pre-conceived limits and levels. Here is the link to the episode called The Process that introduces the series:



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