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The Energy Drain of PMS – Post-Modern Sports

My poor illiterate immigrant Italian father Antonio hated pro sports. Not disliked them, hated them. I thought he was crazy. Turns out he was right. Watching pro sports is the biggest waste of money, time, and energy. One reason why I don’t waste money, time, and energy watching pro football is The Superstar Favouritism that contradicts my fundamental coaching beliefs for the past 40 years of coaching football.

I’ve told my football players for 40 years that they will suffer the injustice of nepotism and favouritism in workplaces when they enter the Work Force. They don’t need to experience it in football. Football is supposed to be a meritocracy. It’s not supposed to be a drama-filled soap opera where you buy championships by giving preferential treatment to superstars and replacing The Least who busted their ass for your team all of pre-season with The Most who did F-all to earn a starting job.

The media and fans who give pro coaches the title of genius are wrong. Pro coaches are Rich Coaches who coach The Rich in Athletic Wealth. They have the most resources who coach The Most. There’s no genius involved in that. There’s no genius involved when you simply buy missing pieces through the draft and free agency. There’s no genius involved in spending money to build teams instead of building teams the right way – through heavy lifting.

True football is predicated on building teams not buying teams. Coaching football takes all the energy you have in mind-body-soul. You have to invest your energy, time, and money where it counts most – building your own team, not cheering for someone else’s team. I learned long time ago that Antonio was right – being a spectator will make you poor. Being a spectator makes The Rich richer. Being a spectator will never make you a player. The more you spectate, the more you vegetate.

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