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The danger of opinions: #BusinessSurvivalSkills – Pt. 4

The danger of opinions: #BusinessSurvivalSkills – pt 4

Be careful about opinions. They’re dangerous. Opinions are deadly to your health in mind-body-soul. That’s Real-Life Lesson #22,362 I’ve taught to football players for 40 years, college law enforcement students for 2 decades, and my #WomensLiftingTeams since 1992. 

There’s a reason why general non-expert opinions are inadmissible in criminal court – they’re dangerous because they have zero evidentiary value. General non-expert opinions are not fact. They constitute baseless speculation, wishful thinking, uninformed suspicions made by those who have done F-all but believe they know it all, and want to be believed in order to add some degree of relevance to their insignificance. In other words, general non-expert opinions are #bullshit.

A general non-expert opinion is dangerous if you confuse it with fact and believe it, follow it, and spread it to others. It’s dangerous to act on #bullshit.  #Bullshit can get you killed.

The only admissible opinion in criminal court is an #ExpertOpinion, defined as a conclusion based on evidence determined credible through extensive practical experience or academic study or scientific work. Expert opinions are admissible only after the witness proves his/her expertise. Too bad the same doesn’t apply to social media. 

Social media is saturated with tons of #bullshit produced by general non-expert opinions that will mislead you and bleed-you-out in mind-body-soul. I’ve taught my students and athletes for 4 decades that following #bullshit will make you #unfit in mind-body-soul. #Bullshit opinions will make you #UnfitForDuty. Believing #bullshit opinions can kill you, your business, your team, and make you the highest threat level to yourself and your team.

The solution is developing a 5th Degree #Bullshit Detector.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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