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The danger of discouragement

I just read a perfect example of how dangerous it is to listen to the stupidity of discouragememt. My Blackberry went off signaling a message from a Linkedin group of writers. One guy asked the group for opinions about whether it was a good idea to write a memoir about how he overcame extreme obstacles. Some fool wrote back that no one would be interested unless the writer was a celebrity. Typical idiotic negativity. I wrote to the guy who asked for the initial advice and told him to never be dissuaded by self-professed experts who try to convince you not to do something just because the odds are too big. I strongly urged him to write his book and publish it because it’s his calling.

If you believe that you should write a book, write it…if you’ve got the strength and stamina to finish. Over 90% of manuscripts never get finished. Or started. If I had listened to conventional negativity, I never would have written any books. If I had waited for encouragement, I never would have written any books. The majority of what I’ve ever personally been told about writing and publishing is depressing.

The good news is that I’ve learned a number of lessons from this mess:

1. Never wait on external encouragement to start moving toward your goals. Just get started. Make your own encouragement. Be fearless.
2. Never, ever let anyone’s foolish discouragement get inside your head. Never make the mistake of letting anyone plant the seeds of self-doubt inside your mind.
3. Just because something is extremely hard to do doesn’t mean you can’t do it.
4. Follow your heart. Your calling is serious business.