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The cost of missing out

I was interviewed yesterday on a radio show hosted by Layla Starchild, from Vancouver, British Columbia, about the psychology of training – the mental element of athleticism, including competitive sports and the non-competitive sport of working out for personal fitness. The question was, “Why are certain athletes more driven and achieve more success?”

My football team, the Oakville Longhorns, has completed two indoor spring practices. This is my 41st season of coaching football and nothing has changed – some players are wildly motivated and work tirelessly, some don’t give a shit. It’s exactly the same as any workplace I’ve ever been a part of. Every team I’ve coached started with a mix of those who work and those who don’t. Things work out for those who workout. Things don’t work out for those who don’t workout. It’s that simple. Those who miss practice, miss out. Those who don’t workout, miss out. Missing out is a personal choice. No one forces them to miss out. It an exercise of free will. That’s why some succeed and other fail. That’s why some exceed and other bleed. That’s why some win and other lose. It depends on where you want to hurt – in training or missing out.

Training hurts until the benefit replaces the hurt. But the hurt of missing out never goes away. Ever. You’re stuck with the pain of missing out for good. Or worse.

Those who care, spill their guts. Those who don’t care, spill their guts after with regret. My conscience is clear. I’ve warned players thousands of times – missing out will result in regret. It starts a chain reaction of emotions that leads to the worst one of all – bitterness. Inner hell. Bitterness leads to an inability to see good in anything, to seen only the bad, and then feel it. Feeling only the bad becomes a chronic condition that turns up body temperature until it burns you up inside.

We’re closing in on 500 total reps. We’ll pass that mark this Friday. Those who invested in those reps got better. Those who didn’t missed out. Free will is costly when its wasted on bad choices.

Here’s a link to my radio interview about mental training to actualize athletic/workout performance:


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3
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