The best way to stop any QB.

One of the many, many things I deeply and profoundly loved about being hired as an unpaid post-secondary #DefensiveCoordintaor by 3 different head coaches is the deep insights learned about #offense. Nothing teaches more depth and breadth of #offense more than having to stop them. 

Coordinating a defense teaches you how to #GoDeep in the education of offensive theory & practice. Here are 3 examples: 

  1. You learn how to slaughter a defense by getting slaughtered on defense. 
  2. You learn exactly what slaughters any offense by slaughtering an offense.
  3. Coordinating a defense builds two of the top 51 elements of becoming an #OffensiveCoordinator – instinct and intuition. 

There’s much more. Here’s Offensive Lesson #22,014 that I learned as a #Defensive Coordinator: the best way to stop a QB is let his own coaching staff do it. Here’s what I mean:

  • One of our top 26 elements of preparing to stop any offense is identifying the MDM – Most Dangerous Man – and reduce the danger. Lower the threat level. 
  • There’s a reason why the word #anger is in the word #danger. 
  • One of our top 26 ways to stop the MDM is assigning our MDM to the primary job of stopping their MDM and assigning the other 10 defenders the shared responsibility of making their MDM the LDM – Least Dangerous Man.
  • There are 26 primary ways to stop the opposing QB by making him the LDM. 
  • The best way to stop their QB by making him the LDM is letting his own coaching staff do it. Let the opposing coaches be QB-Killers who kill their own QBs potential and productivity with the QB Sack and QB Pressure – the pressure of threatening to bench their QB at practice as #punishment for not being perfect, for every mistake they make. 
  • The best way to stop the opposing QB is by increasing opposing QB Takeaway – letting his coaches become Rep-Robbers who take away QB reps, take away QB self-confidence, take away QB full potential every time they bench a QB at practice after they get pissed-off at QBs. 
  • The difference between a superstar QB and bench-warmer QB is how much punishment they suffer – multiple meanings: (i) physical punishment (ii) mind punishment (iii) soul punishment.
  • All three types of QB punishment have the same leading cause – LOL – Lack of Leadership that starts by finishing QBs with the punishment of Rep-Robbing for the crime of being imperfect, flawed, for being a work-in-progress.
  • Imagine if coaches were benched for every mistake, every dumb-ass call, for every inept practice they conducted, and every incompetent workout they permitted in the weight room.
  • Imagine if your boss benched you every time you made #NaturalMistakes during #Construction – the work in-progress needed to build. The work need to learn. The heavy lifting needed to build a full structure.
  • QB Rep-Robbing by opposing coaches is a DCs #1 advantage to stop the opposing QB from becoming the opposing MDM.
  • Let the opposing coaches be the opposing QBs MDM who punish by their own QBs by robbing them of valuable reps and stagnate QB growth.
  • Let the opposing coaches pressure and sack their own QB. It will make your DC job easier.

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