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The Beauty of Losing

The beauty of losing in football is that it can be studied. Every game I’ve coached in 40 volunteer seasons has been videotaped. Studying videotape is an investigation into the cause of losing. I use the same investigative principles that I used when I was a detective, before changing careers in 1990, to study football losses.

Investigating losing solved the mystery. After identifying every single contributory factor, I concluded that the number one cause of every loss fell under the title of “self-sabotage.” I investigated failures in all my other professions, including business and even fitness careers. Same conclusion – self-sabotage was the main cause of losing, failure, or whatever label you attach to “defeat.”

The source of failure in any field comes from within. We are our own worst enemy. Self-sabotage is self-defeating behaviour. You can’t win at anything personally or professionally until you overcome self-defeating conduct and habits. The competition you face every day in business, your career, or on the athletic field is nothing compared to the opponent inside you. No one is exempt from the inner enemy. Self-sabotage is what holds us back from self-actualization. Left unchecked, self-sabotage is capable of burying individual and team potential. Defeating self-sabotage doesn’t just happen. It takes a fight.

There are many ways to commit self-sabotage. Each way has its own distinct ethos, a characteristic that makes it unique. But ironically, they all accomplish the same goal – getting in the way of progress and moving us away from what we’re supposed to achieve and who we are supposed to become. Self-sabotage is the biggest fight against progress. It’s easy to dismiss it as fate or destiny. The hard part is acknowledging that you have control over self-sabotage, starting with accepting responsibility to self and to the teams of people you live with, work with, and who depend on you.

‪ Why we attack ourselves and how we do it is a process within a #TheProcess. Every challenge has degrees of difficulty that we make more difficult with self-destructive habits. Every career, business, and sport carries an obligation to be “fit for duty.” You owe it to yourself and your team; it’s your responsibility. Being fit for duty ties in with the self-sabotage because it involves being fit in body, mind, and soul. Your organization depends on you being fit for duty. Without it, accountability ceases to exist. Being unfit for duty constitutes the highest level of neglect to a team.

Without a fight, self-sabotage kills human potential, both individually and in teams. The difference in the shape of things is what you do with your potential. Blunt Talk Podcast includes a 4-part series about the fight against self-sabotage.


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