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The #1 force that holds you back

The #1 force that holds you back is not the competition, it’s not the weight on the bar, it’s not what happened yesterday, it’s not what didn’t happen the day before, it’s not what you’re waiting for, it’s not what someone said, it’s not what someone didn’t say, it’s not getting what you didn’t deserve, or not getting what you deserved.

The #1 force that holds you back is your decision to let every circumstance turn into an excuse that turns into a menacing obstacle that you built, that you positioned directly in your own way, in an attempt to commit self-sabotage. This is what I’ve taught football players and college law enforcement students for 4 decades. And what I remind myself every day, the moment that any temptation tries to interfere with my first set, my second set, any other set, my work, my writing, my business, or anything else that matters about growing and making real-life progress.
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