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The #1 cause of all your problems…

The #1 cause of all your problems is obstacles inside your head. Real or imagined, obstacles in your head will get in your way of forward progress unless they are lifted and moved.

The #1 obstacle that holds you down is pessimism – defeating thoughts planted inside your head from Your World. All the obstacles inside your head are self-imposed with the assistance of your Negative Influencers who have pulled you away from reality with First World concerns of banality, meaninglessness, and purposelessness.

The X Fitness Workout System is the most intense workout system you will ever experience. Its for those who want more and want to be more.
Every X Fitness Workout is game-day. We keep score by quantifying workload and keeping time. If you’re not keeping score, you will never do more, you will never be more. If you’re looking for more and to be more, the X Fitness Workout System will transform you by merging mind, body, and soul into a unified unstoppable force.

X Fitness Workouts are not exercise classes. They are for serious hardcore #strongwomen who want to lift in #1975 – no cell phones, no selfies, no texting, no socializing, no flirting, no dating games, no F-ing around. Just #STFU and lift until you can’t lift no more.
#TheBasement @xfitnesswelland is not a pickup bar. We pick up bars instead.

My #womensliftingteams isn’t stopped by obstacles. They lift them. They move them. They moved them last night – again.
Personal Best last night – 43:31. Chest-shoulders-back. 20-20-16. X Fitness gut-spilling workouts raise your level of consciousness needed to fulfill your destiny, your calling, your purpose. Without raising your level of consciousness, you sink into an abyss of meaninglessness leading to every negative trait & characteristic that eventually drives away people who matter. Then you’re stuck in a hell-hole of emptiness. #MUCHLOVE#soulofalifter Blessings and all good things #peace

Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3 coach

owner – X Fitness

host: Blunt Talk Podcast

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