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Target Practice

You are a target for the offensive as long as you are in the game. You will attract insults simply by doing what others are not doing. Insults are the only ammunition of the bitter.

For as long as you’re in the game, you will be target practice for those unwilling or incapable of getting in the game. It’s the nature of the beast. The bitter fill up their time with target practice, firing insults because they have nothing meaningful to offer. The game is too tough for them so they take the path of least resistance – target practice. If insults get to you, you are letting your critics win the game by default. Those who find fault for the singular purpose of discouraging carry no weight. Only corrective feedback matters. You an easily identify corrective feedback by the source – those who have your best interests.There’s the key – where the interest is invested. Critics invest target practice for their self-interest. Mentors direct corrective feedback for your interest. Confusing the two is disastrous. Taking meaningless criticism to heart will side-track you. So will not listening to corrective feedback from thos who matter.