Take a stand

You can’t change what you can’t stand by sitting in the stands. Get on the #field, show us what you got, show us how its done. 

Taught all my teams for 44 years that you have 2 choices every day – be a spectator or a participator. Be a tourist or the attraction. Be a fan or be a player. Be a #Bystander or an #Infielder. Get on or in the field or watch, criticize, demoralize the #Infielders as a #Bystander. 

Life in #TheStands makes you a #ByStander, part of a crowd that depends on the #InFielders for energy, for vicarious achievement. #ByStanders stand still, watching life pass by watching #InFielders live their lives on the field, in the field.

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Blessings and all good things


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