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Top secret Fat-burner

After reading this article,–people-who-don-t-join-facebook-are-suspicious-say-pundits I wish that the English language would recognize the word “stupidest.” What harm would there be to say “This is the stupidest article of 2012. Maybe ever.” I posted the following comment on Facebook on our X Fitness Welland page and I chose to be grammatically correct: “Absurd. Dumb & […]

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Spoiled Rotten – The Psychology of Leadership: Part 4

SPOILED. That’s what I’ve thought for the majority of mind-numbing meetings I’ve endured during 35 years of public sector employment. I’d be afraid to add up the total minutes and hours I’ve wasted in my life listening to complaining and whining during meetings that, for the most part, accomplished very little or next to nothing. […]