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Top Secret Motivation

I can’t take two consecutive days off from working out. No calling in sick. No vacation days. I’ve worked out 223 days this year. Each workout has had a different purpose. A higher purpose. That’s how I keep the streak alive. I recently extended my workout streak to 43 years. It started at the top […]

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Top secret Fat-burner

After reading this article,–people-who-don-t-join-facebook-are-suspicious-say-pundits I wish that the English language would recognize the word “stupidest.” What harm would there be to say “This is the stupidest article of 2012. Maybe ever.” I posted the following comment on Facebook on our X Fitness Welland page and I chose to be grammatically correct: “Absurd. Dumb & […]

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“They dedicate their lives To running all of his.” – The Unforgiven, Metallica At some point during every workout, I turn my iPod to M, press enter because the only file I have under M is Metallica, then I scroll down to U – The Unforgiven. Every workout without fail, I have to hear James […]

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Psychology of Leadership – part 2

Do an honest inventory of your team, your organization, or your business and find out how much waste there really is. Not what you assume there is. Not what you guess there is. Not what you want to believe. Wasted time, wasted talent, wasted potential. How many people are coasting? How many are giving everything […]

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Good news. Ongoing discussions with CDFL (Collegiate Development Football League) in New York bring the next-level closer to reality for the Niagara X-Men. Ages 18-24, second-chance to get recruited. No games in Canada. And the charity is over. Decades of charity ends. There’s a price to pay to get anywhere in life. If you can’t […]

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Psychology of Leadership – Part 1

Psychology of Leadership – Part 1 (excerpt from my new book to be released in 2012) Waste. Waste is the greatest threat to any team, any organization. Everything other threat is secondary. Wasted time, wasted talent, wasted potential. The psychology of leadership starts with waste management. Leadership theory is stuck deep in an abyss of […]

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Free Business Consultation

May is Independence Month. It’s my anniversary of escaping from workplace daycare and becoming a full-time business owner. One day of celebration is not enough. A whole month is needed. If you’re thinking of starting a business, I strongly recommend it. There’s nothing like controlling your own life. You won’t get financially rich overnight but […]

Soul of a Lifter

Soul of a Lifter

Nothing just happens. Nothing happens automatically. Nothing happens randomly. Nothing happens by accident. Winning doesn’t just happen. Losing doesn’t just happen. Getting in top shape doesn’t just happen. Neither does getting out of shape. Championships don’t just happen. Neither does dead last. Success by any definition doesn’t just happen. Neither does crushing failure. – […]


X Fitness Workout System

The X Fitness workout system is not a singular program. It’s a limitless system. Based on 4 decades of real-life practical research, the system specializes on building upper-level athletes from scratch. The system has been used to coach and develop countless female and male athletes at varied levels of development. The system is built on […]

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The Myth of Natural Talent

Every time you lose, fail, give up, get the @#%$ beat out of you, the competition wasn’t the reason. You let it happen. Don’t believe the ‘natural talent’ myth. It’s bullshit. Every loss is the direct result of choices you made and didn’t make. The other team was not better, more gifted, more talented, bigger, […]