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Finding Peace

Good news. Striving for peace and tranquility is a 24-365 job. X Fitness is cleaning up its real-life friends list by deleting customers who didn’t clean up. Once again, a small number of people have been identified who confused the gym for the streets of Welland by using it as a dumping ground for plates, […]

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Bring It On

I’ve warned football players over and over – You’re playing career is limited. You can’t play forever. Most of you will reach football retirement before you reach your peak strength. But your workout career is not limited. There’s no expiry date to your workout career unless you take early retirement from life. You get a […]

Fitness Soul of a Lifter

Dual Meaning Title

Soul of a Lifter is a dual meaning title. It refers to the soul that drives people to lift heavy weight. And it refers to the soul that lifts others.  I chose the title to introduce several themes starting with my belief that my soul led me to lifting weights which changed my life. I […]