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A Decade of Delusion

My football team, the Niagara X-men, was contacted today by a representative of an NCAA Division 3 university asking us to play them at least twice each year. The purpose is to recruit Canadian players. The X-Men would act as a pipeline to their school. At the same time, our players and their junior varsity […]

Fitness Soul of a Lifter

Lifting Facts & Myths – Part 2!/photo.php?fbid=3209621640433&set=a.3204415950294.2125795.1262976148&type=1&theater The cage in the above photo was designed in 1985 by an equipment company in Toronto. It became the central piece of equipment at our first gym. Every lift can be executed in this cage. An entire workout, every day without leaving it. Championships were built inside this cage starting in 1985. Student-athletes who […]