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Won One

I’m writing a business book. That’s one of my current projects. Three reasons why: I’ve been asked a lot about business advice. Being a business owner is the toughest job I’ve ever had. I’m tired of reading the same old business bullshit that has no relevance to my reality. My business book is extremely unconventional. […]

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Psychology of Leadership – Part 6: the true test

I’ve suffered Culture Shock many times. Each one made an impact – a life-changer. Each Culture Shock shook me up, forcing me to think differently and work differently. Culture Shock makes a difference but which type is not guaranteed. It can make a positive difference or a negative difference. The difference is the decisions you […]

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Psychology of Leadership – Part 5: The Very Best

I was lied to. There isn’t hell to pay if you don’t give your VERY BEST. The biggest professional challenge I’ve had is not losing one of the fundamental rules I was taught growing up – give your VERY BEST. During 35 years of working in public sector organizations, I’ve been baffled at what has […]

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Free Business Consultation

May is Independence Month. It’s my anniversary of escaping from workplace daycare and becoming a full-time business owner. One day of celebration is not enough. A whole month is needed. If you’re thinking of starting a business, I strongly recommend it. There’s nothing like controlling your own life. You won’t get financially rich overnight but […]