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Double-cross the defence: double your big plays. Part 1

Note: Here’s why my plays are hand-drawn. Over half of my 40-year unpaid football coaching career happened pre-Internet. My entire 40-year coaching career was in a level of Football Poverty that has to be experienced to be believed.  I used a pen and paper to draw plays for three reasons: it saved time, got the […]

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Here’s a picture of the youngest runner entered in last Saturday’s Run For the Roses sponsored by X Fitness – Violet King, 23 months… my granddaughter. I have coached thousands of athletes but Violet is my favourite. She trains hard, never complains, and is always happy when she’s running, no matter if it’s the […]

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NFL Draft

Here’s my Facebook response to USA Today writer Christine Brennan: Fantastic article, Christine. As a football coach, I don’t get it. Where else in the real world are untested, unproven entry-level employees guaranteed millions of dollars and paraded as saviours for organizations while grown adults scream in the audience like school-children? The entitlement/superstar attiude […]

Fitness Soul of a Lifter

Dual Meaning Title

Soul of a Lifter is a dual meaning title. It refers to the soul that drives people to lift heavy weight. And it refers to the soul that lifts others.  I chose the title to introduce several themes starting with my belief that my soul led me to lifting weights which changed my life. I […]