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SWAT TacklingI banned shoulder tackling in 1985 because it is ineffective and unsafe. Using the head and shoulder for initial contact leaves the tackler in a position of weakness, not to mention at risk of catastrophic injury. I have proven that there’s a better way. In 30 years, none of my players have died, broken or injured their necks, and I’ve had ZERO reported concussions on Defense.

My SWAT chest tackle is based on the two most powerful exercises known to wo/mankind – squat & bench press. By using the chest for the initial impact, strength is transferred from lower to upper body ensuring the head and shoulder are eliminated from the tackle – regardless of the angle of pursuit. The SWAT chest tackle is a joyful expression of strength that is built in the weight room and expressed on the field. It is guaranteed to lift.

More important than Xs and Os is ensuring your players’ safety. Safety should always trump winning games. The benefit of teaching SWAT chest tackling is that you can accomplish both! By purchasing the SWAT Tackling video and eBook, you will be able to teach players, of any age, how to tackle safely. Coach Arcaro narrates the skills required from start to finish as they are demonstrated, live. Teaching methods and lesson outcomes are detailed in the accompanying eBook.

Make your next season the best it can be:

  • liability-free for your coaches, knowing that they are teaching “safe” tackling;
  • confident that your players will not suffer catastrophic injuries from tackling;
  • ensuring the most basic of football skills is being executed properly leading to increased player confidence and execution

All resulting in a championship season!buynow

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