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#SuperBowl preview – part 1

Every football game in the history of wo/mankind has been won and always will be won by who #FightsBack the hardest.

#Fight is not created equal. There are different degrees of fight ranging from Minus-Zero Fight to 5th Degree Fight. Every football play in the history of the sport has been and always will be a back and forth #fight – dual meaning. First – a fight for forward progress. Second – throwing the first strike and fighting back.

The extent that a team #FightsBack is the #1 factor that determines whether it #WinsBig or gets #mauled and slaughtered.

The Green Bay Packers did not fight back versus the San Francisco 49ers in the #NFCchampionship game. Here’s the evidence – outlier stats by the 49ers. San Francisco recorded high school stats – absurdly high rushing yards and absurdly low passing yards. That rarely happens in the #NFL because the #StrengthGap between teams is minimal. It doesn’t happen often and shouldn’t happen when the strength gap is minimal. Consequently, one of two conclusions can be reached:

  1. San Francisco is the best rushing team in the history of civilization; or
  2. Their opponents did not #FightBack the way an NFL playoff team should.

The same applies to the Kansas City Chiefs. They are either the greatest passing team in the history of the world or their opponents did not #FightBack in the playoffs the way NFL playoff teams should.

The 49ers rushing stats either are inflated because of the lack of #FightingBack they faced or the rushing stats are proof of 5th Degree Unstoppable Rushing. The same applies to the Chiefs passing stats.

Football outcomes are not easy to predict. Here’s part 1 of predicting the Super Bowl winner:

  • the team that has had to #FightBack the hardest and longest during the season will win.
  • #FightingBack is a skill that doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. Nothing happens coincidentally, randomly, accidentally, or overnight.
  • A 60-minute #StreetFight is completely different than a one or two quarter #fight where the other team stopped #FightingBack.
  • The first sign of the lack of will and capacity to #FightBack is non-competitiveness – the inability to stop anything the other team is doing. Non-competitiveness should never happen in the NFL because the NFL playoffs feature teams that have a razor-thin strength-differential. NFL playoff teams are not collegiate club teams like my Niagara X-men team. They are not D3 JV teams like our opposition. The difference between NFL playoff teams should be negligible. Unrecognizable to the naked eye.
  • Neither the 49ers or the Chief had to endure a 60-minute #streetfight in the playoffs. That weakens teams  because it promotes complacency.
  • They key element to winning the Super Bowl is the same secret to winning football games at any level – give the other team a 60-minute #streetfight that they are not used to. Give them a #brawl they haven’t trained for. Bring the other team to another place they have never been. Keep throwing bombs for 60 minutes. No dancing, no shuffling, no jabs. Throw bombs for 60 minutes because 98.6% will not #FightBack for a full 60 minutes. Guaranteed. Exhibit A is this year’s NFL playoffs.
  • Here’s an assignment to help you become a football expert: Study game film and evaluate who has to #FightBack the longest and strongest during the playoffs – Chiefs or 49ers? Which team has been in a #streetfight the longest?
  • Whose opponents put up the toughest fights and fought back the hardest during the playoffs and regular season – 49ers’ opponents or Chiefs’ opponents? Figure out which team has been in the toughest collective fights leading up to the Super Bow and you will predict the Super Bowl winner – 100% guaranteed. That is the most significant indicator of who will win the Super Bowl.

Continued in Part 2.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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