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Super embarrassment – Not so Super Bowl

I can’t take seriously any sport or league that is governed by ancient rules that can force a team to willingly allow an opponent to score uncontested game-winning points in “world championship” game.

I’ll preface this by emphasizing I am not a fan of any NFL team. I am a fan only of the football team I coach. Yesterday in Super Bowl 46, the New England Patriots made the right call by allowing the New York Giants to score an uncontested touchdown because under the current set of archaic rules, they had no other choice. Deciding a Super Bowl hat way is an embarrassment. The NFL has made radical rule changes during the past 30 years. Here’s some more recommended changes:
1. One-point for field goals inside the red zone, same value as the PAT. Or ban field goals altogether inside the 20, forcing teams to actually play the sport that fans pay exorbitant prices to watch, instead of turning football into kickball.
2. Adopt the CFL time clock rules: (i) 20-second play clock (ii) at the 3-minute warning (yes 3-minute warning), clock stops automatically at end of each play and re-starts on ref’s whistle.

Awarding 3 points to a chip shot field goal is absurd. Counter-intuitive. Field goals are not created equal. Three points for all field goals is an unbalanced reward – same return for different investment makes no sense. A 50-yarder having the same value as a chip shot defies logic. So does a chip-shot having 50% value of a touchdown.

The current NFL time clock rules make the game BORING – snail-paced action and ridiculous running out the clock to end games. The CFL clock rules would make the game far more entertaining and make endings memorable for the right reasons.

To all the purists who find these recommendations absurd, check the rule changes during the past 3 decades. Without them, we’d still be seeing glorified rugby scrum with forearm blocking and pass coverage muggings all over the field.

No competition can be called a competition when unearned-points become a strategy. Super Embarrassment to decide a “world championship” with unearned points.