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Super Bowl Preview – Point #1

Super Bowl preview. Point #1: Force them to play the worst type of defense.

The best way to beat the best defense in the league is to attack their strengths at warp-speed. Rule #1 – Floor it, flatten it. Putting an offense in high gear puts even the strongest defense in slow gear. Guaranteed. Regardless of how strong a defense is, any defense can be weakened by forcing them to play in the worst type of defense – discomfort zone.

Discomfort zone is a pace that a defense is unfamiliar with. It’s a pace that a defense is not conditioned to play in. Using a warp-speed no-huddle fatigues the unconditioned body, mind, and soul. Use the Over 80 Rule. Over 80 is a drunk driving offence and it’s an offense that causes erratic defensive play because no defense at any level can execute flawlessly for Over 80 plays. It won’t happen. 100% flawless defensive execution against a no-huddle offense that breaks the speed limit and goes Over 80 is impossible.

On a different note, here is another of my back-to-basics top 100 Classic Rock workout songs for the first 100 days of 2014. The link follows my signature.


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