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Strength over Scheme

In 1993, we made the transition from warp-speed no-huddle extreme ground + pound to extreme warp-speed passing. We didn’t change our playbook because we didn’t have a conventional playbook. Our SWAT No-Huddle System is a paperless system, not a conventional playbook that allows change without change.

SWAT NO-Huddle is an unconventional system that is a solution to our biggest problem – extreme Football Poverty. The importance of Xs and Os is secondary to ideology and philosophy. SWAT No-Huddle is a unique Football Mindset with its own ethos that differs from the way football is conventionally played. SWAT No-Huddle ideology is based on extreme difference, including:

  • zero punting
  • zero field goals
  • zero PATS
  • onside kicks
  • Go Deep Mentality – dual meaning
  • No remarry receivers
  • No conventional QB read progression
  • Rapid-decision making
  • Strength and Simplicity

The Go Deep Mentality is defined as:

(i) a belief that every pass play is designed to score, regardless of actual length of pass and actual field position. And,

(ii) the concept of 5th Degree Going Deep during the most intense strength & condition achieved in the X Fitness No-Break workout System.

The SWAT No-Huddle System views Game-day as a strength contest that uses football as a platform. We define Strength is defined as 5th Degree Stamina, 5th Degree Skill, 5th Degree Speed that is not measured by 40-times but by Fatigue Deficit – who is faster as the game progresses play-by-play. Who is faster in the 3rd quarter and 4th quarter. Scheme is not the primary objective. Strength is.

SWAT Mindset is the main objective, a mentality that forces the opponent to play a different game than the trained for.

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Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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