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I’ve taught Real Life&Death Lesson #22,877 to football players & college law enforcement student for 4 decades: Too many jobs, out of work. 

Imagine you start a new job today. Your boss explains your job description – you have to multi-task. If this happens, you do this. If that happens, you do that. If neither happen, then you have to make something happen. And you have to figure it out on the fly, meaning when hell is happening at full-speed. When hell is in-progress, on-the-job training will get someone or something killed. Minds, bodies, souls, dreams, desire, love of the game, love of work, the love of just being apart of something bigger than self. Too many rookie job responsibilities will tear you apart, tear you apart form your team, and rip out you heart & soul.

Our Football Poverty solution for 40 years has been – Don’t play defense, run defense. Stop the run by #RunningPlays – multiple meanings:

  1. Stopping the run with a Poor Team that’s limited in teaching time, experience, and all the resources of The Rich will not happen if you run a complicated defense that the pros run.
  2. Stopping the run has a dual meaning – (i) stop conventional running plays. (ii) stop the run after the catch. They are the same thing. No difference. If you don’t stop both runs, your defense will get killed, embarrassed, and suffer the killer-pain of getting run over in mind-body-soul. 
  3. Stopping the run requires a perfect #Match.
  4. You have to match: #FirstResponder reaction, speed, time of arrival with the ballcarriers speed & time of arrival.
  5. If their ballcarrier beats your defensive #FirstResponder to the Point of Attack, there will no Point of Impact. They will keep running it back.
  6. No Point of Impact at Point of Attack makes a #superstar running back. The absence of a Point of Impact at the Point of Attack is one of the top 26 why ballcarriers become #superstars. Their ability to run is one element. Your inability to run is another.
  7. Slow #FirstResponders inflate #YardsGained by running backs & receivers. 
  8. #YardsGained is a Deep Stat – dual meaning. (i) it shows Earned Run Average as opposed to Unearned Run Average. (ii) it is evidence of Deep Depth – how deep your entire defensive roster learned, how deep your entire defensive became competent, and how deep your defense plays in mind-body-soul alignment and pre-snap alignment.
  9. The key element of defensive #FirstResponder Development is Responsibility Reduction.
  10. Reducing responsibility increases defensive Running Plays – dual meaning. (i) full-speed 60 minute Run Capacity. (ii) defensive plays designed as full-speed Running Plays by single-responsibility that reduces RDM – Rapid Decision-Making – that reduces full-speed #FirstResponder Speed.
  11. Too many defensive jobs puts your defense out of work – dual meaning: (i) thinking of what to do puts you out of doing work. Thinking time reduces work-time. (ii) not getting the job done gets your defensive #FirstResponder out of a job.
  12. #FirstResponder is affected by Destination Certainty. If you know exactly where you’re going, you won’t get lost. If you have to decide where you’re going on the run, you will never stop the run. Ever.
  13. Same #ResponseTime, less running time. #ResponseTime is the time between Call & Time of Arrival. #ResponseTime has to be the same for defensive #FirstResponders as Ballcarriers. Otherwise, ballcarriers will enjoy more running time
  14. The faster your defensive #FirstResponder gets there, the less offensive running time and the less yards gained.
  15. 60-minute Run Capacity is more essential in Poor Football than in Rich Football because Poor defensive #FirstResponders may be required to play #IronMan Contests – dual meaning: (i) offense & special teams in addition to defense. (ii) prepare for #IronMan Contests by lifting more iron than the rest and running more sprints than the rest.
  16. A defensive #RunningPlay is a play where your #FirstResponder and the rest of the defense run to full capacity without having to slow down to think. No thinking, no blinking.

This is only a warmup that briefly introduces our SWAT Defensive System

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