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Soul-selling—Dual Meaning – free chapter 1 of my new book

Soul-selling—Dual Meaning

This book is not the conventional business book. Being a gym owner sounds like fun until it has to be done. This book spills my guts about how I have to spill my guts as a gym owner and strength coach.

I wrote this book during the Coronavirus Pandemic as part of the most intense, complicated soul-searching I’ve had to do in my life.

Soul-selling has a dual meaning: First meaning—you sell-out and contradict your true self until you suffer the burning hell of 5th degree Inner Conflict. Second meaning: you sell your soul by pouring every ounce of your heart and soul to make other people #strongerandsmarter, especially when they don’t want to get #strongerandsmarter.

Gino Arcaro

Owner—X Fitness, Welland Inc.


Chapter 1 #PissedOff

Every workout during my 50-year workout streak has been fuelled by the Power of Being Pissed Off. Every workout, no exception. I have never needed an energy drink. I have never needed pre-workout supplements. Being pissed off flips the switch that unleashes SOULar Energy, the 5th Degree Energy, the infinite inner-spiritual energy that blasts F.A.T.—Fear, Anxiety, Tension.

Being pissed off builds the pre-requisite 5th Degree Rhythm & Flow that scores a #shutout, the 5th Degree Focus that blocks the deafening noise of 5th Degree Distraction, the serial killer of potential, production, and all the God-given gifts and talents every human has been blessed with.

Being pissed off rewards me with the eruption, the 5th Degree Lifter’s High, the addictive pain-killer that makes me temporarily pain-free in mind-body-soul.

Here’s the bad news—the Fitness Business pisses me off to another level. The Fitness Industry pissed me off by being a part of it and trying to make a living at it. Being a part of the Fitness Business has pissed me off to a level I’ve never felt before. During 19 years of being a gym owner, my life has changed dramatically. Those changes have been extremely good or extremely bad. The extreme bad part has been hell.

Here’s the good news—being pissed off in the Fitness Business drove me to new #PersonalBests. I have been obsessed with #PersonalBests during my entire 50 year workout streak, including the #PersonalBests of over 25,000 football players, college law enforcement students and womens’ lifting team members who I have coached and taught for over 43 years. #PersonalBests prevent me from the pain and suffering of Underachieving Hell. #PersonalBests prevents dreams from getting killed. #PersonalBests prevents teams from getting killed in mind-body-soul. #PersonalBests wins championships on any field, in any field. #PersonalBests transform.

Here’s more bad news—being pissed off becomes unhealthy when your business chronically pisses you off. Every job I’ve had in my life has energized me even when it’s pissed me off. I’ve been blessed with dream jobs, careers that have allowed me to experience 5th Degree Joy of making an impact on others. Fifteen years of policing, 20 years as a college law enforcement professor/academic coordinator, 26 years as a bestselling author with a 100% publishing streak, 40 years as a football coach, and a 50-year workout streak that I consider my best “career.” I deeply and profoundly loved each one of those jobs even when they pissed me off. Each one of my beloved jobs was a massive part of my life but never, ever my entire life. In contrast, my Fitness Business career consumes my life because nothing has been harder than earning my own income in my own business and no business is tougher to sell than fitness. None. No exceptions.

Here’s the good news—if it doesn’t kill you, it will make you #strongerandsmarter. Business adversity has strengthened me with 5th Degree Mind-body-soul Strength.

Here’s the bad news—what if you lose the ability to identify a killer? During 15 years of policing, I investigated homicides where killers were identified and arrested. Those killers were positively identified with clear, hardcore, discernible evidence. The arrest of those killers stopped the threat of future killing. And every killer confessed. Each one gave a signed written statement, admitting to being a killer. I’ve since learned that business is a silent killer. The Fitness Business is a serial killer, capable of killing my entire family, killing my mind, my body, and my soul.

Here’s the good news—you can catch a killer if you launch an investigation to find the #truth. A professional investigation is based on honesty—honesty out, honesty in. Honesty starts with evidence interpretation to reach logical conclusions, not delusion conclusions that you desperately wish were true but don’t have the guts to admit are not.

Today is March 29, 2020. In 2 days, my gym, X Fitness, will be 19 years old. But, X Fitness is closed for the first time in 19 years by order of the Province of Ontario in Canada. My business has been shutdown during the Coronavirus Pandemic became gyms have been declared non-essential. I can’t argue with the government for two reasons:

  1. Shutting down gyms is part of a life-saving plan that protects the spread of the Coronavirus
  2. Fitness is truly non-essential to 98.6% of PMS—Post-Modern Society. I have hardcore evidence that corroborates the government’s declaration that gyms are non-essential. The evidence includes:
    1. 43 years of coaching student-athletes who need to get #strongerandsmarter to survive in their dream job and dream sport, and;
    2. 19 years of trying to do the impossible—retain customers in a #hardcore gym that sells #hardcore lifting.

Today is another anniversary, the 11-month anniversary of discovery—the discovery of a life-threatening illness that broke my 61 years of perfect health and the discovery of crimes I have committed against myself. I have been treated by a massive team of specialists who saved my life. I have asked each one if 5th Degree Stress caused or contributed to the epicentre of my life-threatening illness—an XXXL prostate—that made a seismic shift in my health. No specialist has conclusively ruled out or blamed stress as a contributor.

The government shutdown of X Fitness prompted 5th Degree Sense of Urgency to prevent going broke, to prevent losing everything we own. For the first time since I was 13, I am earning no income. Zero income. Earning zero income adds to the culture shock I experienced during the past 19 years of being a self-generated Fitness Business owner.

I decided to write this book, my 62nd book, at 2 p.m. this afternoon, after I posted a motivational video on Instagram and saw a post by an alleged Fitness Professional who posted:

“I’m starting a Youtube Channel today with FREE home workouts.”

That statement pissed me off, AGAIN, just like it has for the past 19 years. The Fitness Industry cannibalizes itself by giving away incalculable amounts of potential revenue and intellectual property for #FREE. The Fitness Industry’s obsession with giving away for #Free is evidence of the incompetence of fitness professionals to sell fitness and coaching without resorting to giving it away. The #Free mentality always has been and always will be our main competitor. Not other gyms. Not other coaches. #Free is our main competitor.

#Free is costly.

#Free is expensive.

#Free never pays.

You pay a huge cost for #Free.

The compulsion to give away for #Free is what gives the Fitness Industry a #RaceToTheBottom reputation. And that pisses me off every single day. But of all the things that piss me off the most is myself for being the biggest collaborator of #Free. I wrote a business book called Freedom or Free Dumb. The opening line is my confession of guilt where I admit to giving away an estimated 1.7 million dollars of coaching and intellectual property. Let me repeat that—an estimated 1.7 million dollars.

So, during my 11-month recovery from my life-threatening illness, I am also trying to recover from the addiction of giving away for #Free, my expertise and livelihood for free—an addiction that threatens the life of my Fitness Business.

This is Chapter One of a brutally honest business book that I hope will be the most different business book you have ever read. Chapter 1 is for #Free (still fighting the addiction). The rest of the book in not. With the deepest, most profound love and respect, I truly don’t care who I piss off, including myself. This book is a matter of life-and-death—dual meaning.


This chapter is free. Subsequent chapters will be for sale weekly for 99 cents on

If you want to be informed of the release of new chapters, please fill out the “Contact Form” at

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro


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