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This is an excerpt from Soul of Selling eBook – Now available for only $0.99…

Every Facebook friend invitation you send, you’re selling. Every job application you fill out is selling. Every resume you send is selling. Every job interview is selling, regardless of which side of the table you’re on. Every time you text, you’re selling. Every email you send is selling. Every selfie you post, every “like” you press, every group you join is a sales pitch. Every Tweet you post is selling. Your version of “Leave a message after the beep” is selling, so is the message you leave after the beep. Every time you say or write “please” or “thank you” or “you’re welcome,” you’re selling. Every blog you write is selling. Every comment you post is selling. Every time you say, “I love you,” you’re selling. Every handshake is selling. So is every hug. “Don’t hit your sister” is selling. “Hit the quarterback harder” is selling. “When I was your age…” is selling. “Can I help you?” is a sales pitch. “Tell me the truth” is selling. “Here’s how you do it” is selling. Selling is not what you think. Selling is everything you do.

If you hate selling because it’s beneath you or it’s degrading or frustrating or just too tough to do, think of this: you’ve done a great job of selling to get to where you are and what you have. You have sold yourself to build every relationship you have, personally and professionally.

Some things are hell to sell but one thing is certain: nothing is tougher to sell than H.E.L.L. in hell. If you can do it, it means you’ve found the SOULution: SOULar Energy. SOULar power solves any selling crisis.

SOULar Power plugs in the heart and opens your mind to the voice of your conscience, filtering out what needs to be heard through the aerial assault of pollution that, left unchecked, turns your mind into a receptor of static communication filled with junk and toxicity. When your conscience breaks through, change happens that guarantee your ability to sell H.E.L.L. in hell.



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