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Solution to NCAA football problems

Every week, the sports pages are plagued with NCAA investigations surrounding the hypocrisy of players getting paid. Everybody make millions and billions of NCAA football, except the player. Coaches make obscene slaraies. Universities rake in a fortune. So do Bowl committees. And NCAA football is plagued with allegations and investigations about players getting paid.

Major league baseball teams pay for minor league baseball. The NFL doesn’t.

College football is a free minor league for the NFL but the NFL  pays nothing. Sure MLB draftst college grads but at least MLB has Triple AAA, etc., to develop players. The sports pages are no longer an escape from reality….it’s worse than reality.

How does NCAA football justify paying head coaches millions of dollars annually but not pay its players? How do universities justify profiting from athletes in return for a scholarship? The investment-return is an extremely tilted playing field against the players.

And no D1 playoff system. A national champiosnhip game decided by a vote – an electtion. Politics at its worst.

NCAA D1 is a training ground for the NFL. Make it a true minor league. Let the NFL pay for it.