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#SideEffects – solving one of your biggest problems.

If you don’t self-reflect, you will never see the #SideEffects – dual meaning. That’s Real-Life Lesson #13,465 that I’ve taught football players for 40 years, college law enforcement students for 2 decades, and my #WomensLiftingTeam since 1992.

#SideEffects has a dual meaning. The horrible side-effects of having the enemy adversely effect your side when the enemy infiltrates your side, pretends to be on the same side as you, without you knowing it. It’s easy to see the enemy when the enemy lines up across from you in a different uniform. It’s not easy to see the enemy that lines up with you in the same uniform you’re wearing. The reason is familiarity.

Familiarity is a double-edged sword. It can cut the hell out of your life – dual meaning. First: It can cut out all the hell that is harming your life. Second: It can cut the life out of your life. Familiarity can help you or it can harm you. Familiarity can dig you so deep in a rut causing to you normalize the abnormal, where the dysfunctional is accepted instead of rejected. Familiarity can numb your mind to the effects of the enemy that has crossed the line into your side, pretending to be on your side. Familiarity can desensitize you to insanity that can adversely affect your sanity.

Side-effects are the silent killers caused by who and what you think is on your side but are not. Side-effects are the unexpected hell caused by your same-side – who and what you have accepted as being on your side, who or what you believe is essential in your life, without any thought about the truth – real benefits or real harm that is being caused.

Side-effects are all the harm you suffer from #SideConfusion, referring to the ambiguity on who and what is on your side or the other side. Side-effects happen when you can’t readily discern the enemy from your true team, when you can no longer identity people and places that you have blindly accepted as being on your side but are actually on the other side.

15 years of policing built 5th Degree Intuition and Instinct about #SideEffects. #CrimeFighting teaches you how to solve the mystery of who the enemy is. The secret is evidence. REPS build 5th Degree Intuition + Instinct that dramatically reduces killer stress. REPS stands for Revealing Evidence Protects Self. REPS build 5th Degree Intuition + Instinct that pick out the enemy with 100% accuracy, no matter hard hard the enemy tries to conceal itself by crossing the line and pretending to be on your side. #CrimeFighting teaches you the Power of #SelfRefection for the purpose of #SelfPreservation.

Without #SelfReflection, your intuition and instinct diminish to Minus-Zero capacity where you end up as a helpless victim because of lost judgement, lost rationality, lost deductive reasoning, lost sense of self.

I’ve taught all my teams for 43 years that #SelfReflection is impossible in the midst of #UnnecessaryNoise. Social Media is the most dangerous source of #UnnecessaryNoise. Social Media will generate unnatural stress through unnatural internal and external conflict generated by angry, depressed fear-mongers who are unwilling and incapable of lifting anyone or anything, or making anyone #strongerandsmarter.

Invest in #SelfReflection to discern harm from help. Invest in #SelfReflection to find the truth about who and what are truly on your side. Without #SelfRelection, you are at risk of being attacked by the #enemywithin when your awareness drops to Minus-Zero.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter
Blessings and all good things

Gino Arcaro

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