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Settle for less, win less: NFL playoffs.

Last night, I was working out at the gym I own, X Fitness. Doing chest-shoulders-back with my Women’s Lifting Team in #TheBasement of X Fitness. Not just an ordinary workout, an Outlier Workout. A gym member asked me if I watched the Chicago Bears-Philadelphia Eagles playoff game that was on TV on the main floor of X Fitness.

People assume I watch football on TV at X Fitness because I coached football for 40 years. I love football as much as anyone. I can prove it because I coached it for free for 40 years. That’s True Love. Working for free is True Love. Working for free to change lives, to make an impact, to make a difference is even Deeper Love. But I don’t watch entire, pro football games on TV or college football games on TV. I haven’t watched a full football game on TV since I was a kid, before I started coaching football. Here are the reasons why:

1. All my football energy had to be focused on my football team, not someone else’s team. Coaching football has never been my full-time job. I coached football while living and working in real-life. I had to balance coaching football with being a father of three daughters, husband, working full-time, writing books, owning a gym, and working out every day of my life without any breaks. I refused to waste time and energy as a fan. The NFL and college football don’t support my teams. I don’t support their teams. Football Energy is real. It’s valuable. Football Energy is the difference between first place and dead-last. Can’t justify wasting Football Energy being a fan.

2. My football ideology doesn’t fit TV football ideology. I hold the world record for the longest no-kick streak. No punts, no field goals, no PATs. Half of our kickoffs are onside kicks. Reason? Going for it works. No-kicking ideology wins, especially in the Football Poverty that I coach in. Going for it 100% of the time is not a gimmick. I can’t stand watching pro or college football games being decided on field goals. Field goals, PATS and punting all send the wrong message – SETTLE FOR LESS, WIN LESS. That became Real-lIfe Lesson #7,613 that I’ve taught football players for 40 years and college law enforcement students for 2 decades. Never fear going for it. Never fear being different. Consequently, I don’t watch what I don’t believe in.

3. My poor, illiterate, immigrant Italian father, Antonio, hated all sports. Sports on our black + white TV in our 1960’s living room was not allowed. “Are they going to pay you to watch?” That was another of Antonio’s Real-Life Lessons I learned. I didn’t get it then. I get it now. They don’t waste time, money, and energy on my teams. I understand why they don’t. They can’t afford it. Neither can I. I can’t afford to invest time, money, and energy in watching things that give zero return.
RIP Antonio.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter
Blessings + all good things.

Gino Arcaro

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