Score with speed – dual meaning.

The first time I heard it was in 1991 when we slammed our no-huddle offense into overdrive – “You’re scoring too fast.” 

“You’re scoring too fast” was their fear talking – their fear of something new, fear of the unknown, fear of the unconventional, fear of breaking from the norm, and fear of being broken by the abnormal.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #22,362 that I’ve taught my football teams for 40 years: Conventional thinking isn’t easy to break. But conventional thinking is easy to break. That means that: 

  1. conventional thinking won’t break even with hard corroborating evidence that disproves it.
  2. conventional thinking is easy to break when they are unprepared for unconventional thinking. Their team will break from the pressure of scoring with speed – dual meaning.


Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #22,362 that I’ve taught my football teams for 40 years: score with speed – dual meaning.

1st meaning: score as fast as you can.

2nd meaning: score against breaking speed with breaking speed. That means:

  1. Their breaking speed is the opponent’s slowing-down speed. It’s the speed break down caused by break-down caused by fatigue that grows trying to keep up with a warp-speed no-huddle they never trained for.
  2. Our breaking speed is our 4th quarter speed that matches our 1st quarter speed – no slow-down. Same speed for the entire 60 minutes.

While we break speed limits in the 4th quarter, the opponent’s lower, slower speed limits and breaks them.

Our objective is to force the other team to play with tired 4th Quarter Speed in the 1st Quarter – as early as possible. Playing at high-speed creates high-pressure that will break any defense that is not conditioned to play at high-speed.

High-speed causes high-pressure that hurts like hell.


Old thinking, keep sinking. Our SWAT no-huddle philosophy includes:

Real Life&Death Lesson #23,111:  Long drives are a waste of time.

We don’t believe in:

  1. the clock-killing conventional thinking.
  2. The conventional thinking of time-of-possession.

We believe in time-of-scoring. Here’s why:

  1. Psychological hell. Scoring fast plants seeds of doubt in the opposing defense. Scoring as fast as possible after kickoff is a gut-punch to the opposing defense, the #1 defensive distraction that breaks their focus. Broken focus is the leading cause of falling behind early in the game.
  2. Throw them off their game – dual meaning. Bombing them early causes Culture Shock. Scoring early by bombing early multiplies Culture Shock exponentially. Culture Shock causes disorientation by high-pressure. No defense practices for #EarlyBombing. We openly open every 1st Drive with a bomb. No disguises, no secret, no hiding it. Anticipation of #earlyBombing causes pressure that throws the defense off its game before the bomb is even thrown.
  3. Context Message: Every #EarlyBomb promotes defensive 4th Quarter Fatigue in the 1st Quarter. And it sends a Context Message – you will have to run more than you ever trained for. You will be run down before the end of the 1st Quarter – dual meaning.
  4. Early lead, early bleed. Scoring fast and scoring early is the #1 cause of psychological bleeding that changes the defence’s focus from their game-plan to their psychological pain. Never underestimate the devastating impact of psychological pain. It slows down the defense in mind-body-soul.
  5. Short drives, long distance. One-play drives demoralize. The opposing defense will not recover from short scoring drives unless you let them. The shorter your scoring drive, the longer the distance their defense needs to recover. 
  6. Raise the bar on defense. Expect your defense to raise the bar – dual meaning. Lift in the gym and never, ever fear playing more minutes on #GameDay because the offense scores early. If your defense is scared to be on the field too often, they are not a defense. They are a liability. They are just standing in the way but will never get in the way of the opponent from scoring. If your defense cannot handle the high-pressure of your offense scoring early, they are fragile, weak, breakable. 
  7. Possession of balls –  dual meaning.  Being afraid of “scoring too fast” is your conscience telling you you have failed to prepare your defense by neglecting the principle of Balls-Possession. Dual meaning. Our SWAT defense has two jobs – grow some balls, get the ball. Our SWAT defense is governed by the same SWAT No-Huddle philosophy – 2Ps – possession & points. Our defense’s mission is to get possession and score points. How fast we score on offense is never a detriment. It’s a benefit. Every time our defense in on the field is another chance to score with speed – dual meaning.


  1. Be original. Never fear originality.
  2. Don’t be bound by conventional bullshit. 
  3. Don’t let convention bullshit stagnate your creativity.
  4. The more you follow, the less you lead. Dual meaning. 

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