Score more by scoring more.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #22,362 that I’ve taught football players 4o years & college law enforcement students for 2 decades – score more by scoring more.

The following are the key elements that explains that rule:

  1. Football and Real Life&Death have a scoreboard that measures your individual & personal won-loss record that gets stuck to you forever. 
  2. Never give anyone any reason to brand you as a dumbass – not your coaches, teachers, recruiters, friends, or family.
  3. Your academic score is directly proportionate to your #GameDay score & Real Life&Death score.
  4. You can score Over 80% on any test – classroom or football. Past academic mediocrity does not condemn you to future academic mediocrity.
  5. You can score over 90% on any test – classroom or football.
  6. You can Ace any Test in the classroom or football.
  7. The key to scoring Over 80, Over 90, and Acing the Test is a Joint Forces Effort between who teaches you and your 5th Degree Commitment to learn more and score more.
  8. High scores in the classroom will convert to high scores on the field, in the field. Never believe anyone’s bullshit that low scores don’t matter. They do. Low scores result in low scoring. Low scores will get you killed on every scoreboard.
  9. Never stick with any coach or any teacher who tells you that you haven’t got what it takes to learn more and score more. That’s one of the top 51 excuses used to cover-up incompetent coaching and teaching.
  10. You have the potential to increase your learning capacity by increasing your work capacity and by coaches & teachers increasing their work capacity.
  11. If you don’t give a shit about high scores, your coaches & teachers won’t give a shit about teaching more.
  12. Never, ever believe any human subjective evaluation that suggests you can’t learn more or can’t score more. It’s a defense mechanism to resolve Cognitive Dissonance caused by their coaching & teaching weakness and ineptitude.
  13. Coaches & teachers have one mission – to help you break limits, not to limit you. 
  14. If anyone tries to limit you, dump them. Cut them before they cut you. Evict them. They are trespassers. They are dangerous. They are unwanted guests who will contribute to the pain & suffering of Underachieving Hell. 
  15. Over 80% teaching & learning is not a gimmick. It’s not a #PositiveThinking ploy intended to score #likes. It’s real. It works.
  16. Be obsessed with scoring more in the classroom, on the field, in the field. Don’t fear the word obsessed. Those who fear the word obsessed are hypocrites who are obsessed with phones, social media, TV, food, celebrities, favourite sports teams, DNA – drugs ’n alcohol. What you’re obsessed with determines what you’re depressed about or passionate about.
  17. Never trust any leader with your life who looks to replace you instead of building you. 
  18. Never trust any leader with your life who considers you disposable, who stereotypes you as a dumbass with Learning Limitations.
  19. Stick with anyone who sees potential in you that you or anyone else can’t see.

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