Schedule strength, strengthen on schedule

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #25,418 I’ve taught football players, college law enforcement students, and women’s lifting teams for 45 years – schedule strength to strengthen on schedule. That means: 

(i) To become the strongest, compete against the strongest. 

(ii) Play the weak, get weak.

(iii) Failing to strengthen on schedule fails to get players to the #NextLevel before time runs out.

After every high school championship we won in the 1980’s and 1990’s with 3 different poor high schools, we asked to move up to RSL – Rich School Leagues. 

We did the same with a first-year semi-pro team. Then we did the same with a new AAU-style 19-under summer team. Then we did the same with a first-year community college team. The reason was to prevent the worst – dual meaning. (i) playing the worst makes you worse. (ii) The more you get worse, the less chance you have of ever getting to the #NextLevel.

The #NextLevel is one of our program objectives. Getting players to the #NextLevel in sports or real-life professions is why we exist. We have zero desire to build a dynasty in weak divisions. We have zero desire to pad won-loss records against weak teams. Moving up to Rich Team Leagues has proved to be the best call – dual meaning. (i) To be the best, beat the best. (ii) to beat the best, record streaks of #PersonalBests in the weight room.

The Weight Room prevents sitting in the Waiting Room – dual meaning. 

  1. Waiting for your shot that won’t happen without the weight room.
  2. Sitting in the waiting room to see the doctor after you get busted up on the field, in the field.

Scheduling strength is one of the essential elements of our program ideology. Multiple meanings:

  1. Scheduling strength-building on the field demands scheduling strength-building on the gym.
  2. Never, ever run away from Goliath.
  3. Call out Goliath. Any place, any time.
  4. Never, ever fail to appear for gym strength-building.
  5. Zero fail to appear, zero fear.
  6. One of the top 51 fears of the strongest is caused by intense fear of hard work and hard workouts.
  7. The more you fail to appear for lifting, learning, practice, training, the more you will fear everyone and everything.
  8. Fear of scheduling strength on the field is evidence of zero faith – in your coaching, in your players, in your strength training.
  9. Intentionally scheduling the weak, week after week, makes #GameDay into a #WeakDay.
  10. Without higher degrees of training and competition, you risk another LOL – another Level of Laziness that defeats the purpose.
  11. Defeat the purpose leads to one defeat after another defeat after another defeat. 

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