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Sacred Memories

We have three choices in life – be a sacred memory, be a hell memory, or just be completely forgotten. We can be positively remembered, negatively remembered, or deleted like a virus-infected file.

The difference between what you remember and what you forget is the extent of the impact made, good or bad. You remember the experiences that stick out and throw out what doesn’t. What you hold sacred is carried forever. What you don’t hold sacred is dropped.

Every experience is human-based. Humans make or break the experience. We can be part of making a sacred experience, a hell experience, or a completely forgettable experience.

The most important scoreboard is the one that counts sacred memories and hell memories. Nothing is more important because your present will be one or the other. If your present doesn’t become a sacred memory, you’ve wasted an opportunity to lift others and lift yourself. If you can’t remember anything that’s sacred today, you’ve wasted a chance to run up the score.

I wasted too much time being pissed off at work. I wasted too much time pissed off at things that were never worth the time, effort, focus, or energy. One of my objectives is to keeping adding sacred memories instead of hell memories. It starts at the top with mindset.

I recorded a solo podcast to remind me about what matters and what doesn’t. Sacred memories don’t just happen. Nothing just happens. You make sacred memories happen. You play your part in making your memories sacred instead of hell.

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