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Rich Coach, Poor Coach: Part 6, Drama Club

My football coaching world for 40 years has had zero relevance to pro football. I can’t solve team weaknesses by signing free agents and drafting top recruits. Coaching in football poverty teaches you the true meaning of team-building – you have to develop players from scratch. You can’t just buy the best. You have the build the best. Two different concepts.

The #1 killer of teams and dreams is drama.

Senseless conflict. Soap opera-style, pointless, immature, juvenile, gossiping about workplace hell. All it takes is one toxic person to sabotage an entire team with the deadliest of all distractions – ego. Ego-driven players are addicted to attention. Ego maniacs put self above team. When a player puts self-interest above team interest, the health of the team will disintegrate. Guaranteed. 100%. Fact. No amount of individual talent will ever compensate for cancerous narcissism. No amount of talent is worth it when a player’s selfishness tortures the soul of a team.

Gino ArcaroNo sport depends on team unity more than football. No sport depends on 100% unselfishness more than football. The reason is that no sport is bloodier than football, no sport requires more players to work together as one entity than football, no sport requires more precise synchronization and coordination than football.  No sport needs more commitment to being perfectly fit than football. Perfect Fit has a dual meaning – 1st: highest level of strength & conditioning in mind-body-soul. Second, Perfect fit heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, with every individual on the team.

My #1 coaching objective always has been and always will be the prevention of team dysfunction. Dysfunctional teams are the #1 cause of stress – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Dysfunctional teams will drain every ounce of energy from mind-body-soul, leaving you and your team in a state of catatonia,  a state emptiness. Unresponsive, where you lose true self, lose true identity, lose your values, lose your integrity, lose your beliefs, and ultimately lose your mind.

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