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Rich Coach, Poor Coach – part 8

The New York Jets head coach canceled rookie on-field minicamp and replaced it with classroom rookie orientation to teach the rookies how to pay bills and buy food, and, to prevent injury because they haven’t done anything since November. The head coach is being applauded for passing up reps to teach university graduates how to do what the rest of the world has had to learn on their own. Here are my points:

  1. This is another reason why I’m blessed to have coached football for 40 years in another era. I’m glad I stopped coaching football because this coddling will spread across every level of football until the game becomes extinct.
  2. In no era of civilization does passing up reps make any team better – on any field, in any field. Passing up reps is a sign of PMS – Post Modern Softness that is destroying the game. It’s impossible to improve at anything by passing up reps.
  3. Young amateur players will read about the Jets and expect the same royal treatment.
  4. If players are at risk of getting hurt because they haven’t done anything since November, how will the risk diminish by letting them do nothing for a few months longer?
  5. The true risk in high-risk jobs and sports is lack of training – insufficient reps.
  6. If university graduates can’t pay bills and buy food, the system failed them. If  football players can’t take care of themselves by the time they graduate from university, then the whole system needs to change dramatically.

Conclusion: Reps are the foundation of growth. Being afraid to invest reps in the offseason is further evidence of the Fear of Football that is prevalent in PMS. Passing up reps is the true risk  in high-risk activities.

Again, I thank God Almighty I coached 40 years in a different era. Here’s a link to the article:

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Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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