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Rich Coach – Poor Coach: Part 7

I just read that an NFL head coach is not concerned about a new star player’s absence at voluntary mini-camp because “it’s voluntary.” Here are my two points:

  1. I’ve been blessed to have coached in Football Poverty for 40 years where unpaid players showed up voluntarily to gruelling off-season lifting that had to be experienced to be believed.
  2. It validates my decision to never waste any money, time, or energy to go to an NFL game or ever watch one on TV.  I can’t afford to invest money, time, or energy as a spectator in life watching millionaire athletes who don’t show up for voluntary minicamp and millionaire coaches who condone it. 

What you focus on grows. Where you focus and invest time and energy is what grows. Focus on spectating and you will grow as a spectator in life. Focus on participating and you will grow as a participator.

I focus all my energy on my two self-generated businesses, coaching my own teams, my athletes, my own workouts, my family. Can’t afford to invest time and energy in pro football especially when they don’t invest time and energy into their own voluntary minicamps.

Football is not created equal. There is Football Wealth and there is Football Poverty. They are two different sports.

#MUCHLOVE  #soulofalifter

Blessing and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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