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Rich coach, poor coach – part 3

The biggest difference between Rich Coaching and Poor Coaching is ‘Fit in’ – dual meaning. First, the extent that rookies are ‘fit in’ mind, body, and soul. Second, how to get rookies to ‘fit in’ a team.

The recent NFL Draft is a perfect example of how coaching is not created equal. Coaching in Football Poverty and coaching in Football Wealth are two different jobs. Poor Coaches don’t have a draft, a get rich-quick scheme that can make poor teams rich overnight and make rookies rich overnight without ever have worked one minute in their new workplace.

Poor coaches don’t have War Rooms, scouting staffs, and million-dollar budgets to find and over-pay rookies who are ‘built’ by someone else. Rich Coaches have the luxury of selecting rookies who were made ‘fit in’ mind, body, and soul by Poor Coaches who did it for free or for a fraction of what Rich Coaches get paid.

Poor Coaches and Rich Coaches have two different job descriptions. Rich Coaches get to pick the pieces for their team, pieces that are already fit in and will fit in to their teams. Poor Coaches have to make a player ‘fit in’ mind, body and soul and then ‘fit in’ to their team from scratch. Rich Coaches get to pick ‘built’ players. Poor Coaches have to build players.

Xs and Os are not the same for Rich Coaches and Poor Coaches. They are completely different. Xs and Os represent two completely different levels of players. Poor Coaches have to build their Xs and Os from scratch. Rich Coaches get to pick their ‘built’ Xs and Os. Two completely different jobs. Drawing up a pass play in Football Poverty is not the same as drawing it up in Football Wealth. The same applies to running plays. Xs and Os in Football Wealth have world-class strength, speed, and skill. Xs and Os in Football Poverty don’t.

I teach my assistant coaches in my Football Poverty to never make ‘presumptions.’ Never presume that Xs and Os that work out in Football Wealth will automatically work out in Football Poverty. Dual meaning. Xs and Os won’t work out unless they work out hard, from scratch. X Fitness and O Fitness is the key to football success. Make Xs and Os the fittest in mind, body, and soul in the gym in order to make them fit in to your team.

Football is the most complicated, most dangerous sport on Earth. There no coaching job tougher and more challenging than coaching football. And there’s no football coaching job tougher and more challenging than coaching in Football Poverty with the poorest resources. The good news is that there is nothing more rewarding that coaching The Least. Coaching The Poor will make you rich in mind, body, and soul. Be a life-long learner. Never stop learning. Dedicate yourself to Higher Learning to achieve the Highest Reward.

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Blessings & all good things.

Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)
Football Head coach – Niagara X-Men Football
Gym Owner – X Fitness Welland Inc.

Gino Arcaro is a widely published author. Currently, he is finishing another book in his non-fiction series: Mystery of Murder: Working with the Dead. All published books are available on on and www.Chapters/, in both soft cover and eBook format. Additionally, his website, features his books including:

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Children’s Books: Be Fit Don’t Quit, and, The Beauty of a Dream

Policing Textbooks: Arcaro’s Interrogation Case Law

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