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Revolutionary Football Combine – how to get to the next level.

Every human I’ve coached during the past 43 years wanted to get to the #NextLevel of something. The secret to getting to the next-level and the next and the next is to obsessively pursue #PersonalBests athletically and academically. 

Here’s the bad news:

1. The next-level is a lonely place. Very few people will support you or accompany you or drive you there.

2. No one ever reaches the next-level alone. It requires a Gut-Spilling team effort led by someone who has been there and knows #TheWay.

3. Every #PersonalBest costs a fortune.

Here’s the good news:

1. Its been done before and it will be done again.

2. Those who make a 5th Degree Commitment are guaranteed to make it happen.

Here’s more bad news. 5th Degree Commitment is rare. Only 1.4% will truly pour every fibre of heart and soul to reach the 5th Degree Commitment because the highest level of commitment represents hell to 98.6%. 

Here’s more good news – any human can reach 5th Degree Commitment. It depends on how you exercise – dual meaning. 1. How your workout. 2. How you exercise free will. The toughest exercise is the exercise of free will. I’ve taught all my teams that you choose whether to pay the price to achieve #PersonalBests and reach the next-level or you pay the price to watch those who did. Both choices depend on what you are willing and capable of proving.

S/he who asserts must prove. That’s the #1 investigative rule I learned during 15 years of #policing. If you want to make a case, prove it with hardcore evidence. Stating outcomes won’t cut it. The same applies in football. If you want to get recruited to the next-level, prove it. Build a case. Present compelling evidence beyond reasonable doubt that you deserve a scholarship or deserve to #TurnPro. 

Getting players recruited to the next level takes 5th Degree Heavy Lifting – dual meaning. 1st – lifting souls to 5th Degree Performance. 2nd: Achieve 5th Degree Workouts so you can out-run, out-muscle, out-work, out-workout, out-hit all your competition. Become a 1.4%er who is willing to do what 98.6% will not.

During my first high school head coach job between1984-1989, two of our players became #groundbreakers by earning college scholarships. Both started off as #underdogs. Both came from a place no one ever heard of. Both did not fit the prototype of their positions – linebacker and running back. But both became #groundbreakers by breaking ground for a total of 212 players from our programs who were recruited by the next-level. Both became #groundbreakers because of compelling #evidence generated from a performance system we designed at X Fitness that included a Revolutionary Combine, a combine far more strenuous and rigorous than the NFL Combine. Our Revolutionary worked out because we we worked out, achieving 5th Degree #PersonalBests

These 2 #groundbreakers and all 212 players who were later recruited to the next-level, never had the luxury of PMS – Post-Modern Society – technology. We never had Youtube or any social media. Our recruiting involved a Pre-Internet process that cost a fortune in long-distance phone calls and mailing VHS tapes. 

We develop a system that worked out – dual meaning. The following are some of the principles of our system:

  1. Film entire games of the entire season. No hi-lite films. Leave no play out, good or bad. Leave no game out, good or bad. But game-film alone was not enough evidence. We needed more proof – evidence of how we trained.
  2. Film practice. Prove 5th Degree Work Ethic.
  3. Film Combines. Our X Fitness Combine was revolutionary. It included:
  • Several sets of bench press, not just one set.
  • Several sets of squats, not just one set. Unlike with the NFL Combine, bench press alone wasn’t enough. The combined effect of squats + bench press prove total strength level.
  • Several sets of 100 yard sprints, not just one 40-yard sprint. 
  • A full X Fitness workout. Every set, every rep.

* Voice activation. Never, ever rely solely on written communication. I called every single recruiter by phone. There is no substitute for human communication, for talking live. No email, no letters. Live communication makes the biggest impact. 

The purpose of the X Fitness Revolutionary Combine was to prove true 5th Degree High-Performance by showing evidence of high-volume workload, not just one set of everything. We proved the size and strength of 5 body-parts that conventional combines don’t fully prove – balls, heart, soul, guts, conscience, through prolonged gut-spilling work. We proved 5th Degree Work Ethic by presenting the equivalent of one shift of manual labour/labor. We proved the #BlueCollarMentality which proved to be the #1 element that developed our #groundbreakers.

This article is just a warmup, a brief summary. If you want the full combine and the full system, please contact me at: 905-933-7556 or at: or DM on social media.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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