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The reality & hell of underachieving

Last week, I posted 34 comments on all my social media accounts – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Coachbook. The post that got the most response was the following:

“The worst pain is not cuts, bruises, or soreness. The worst pain is underachieving, especially when the realization hits that you threw away potential, you can’t replay your life, and let someone else pass you while you let life pass by. – from Chapter One of new book just started tonight.”

That’s the fourth time in three months that the most responses I receive are in relation to any post about underachieving and wasted potential. Nothing comes close to the topic of underachieving in terms of popularity because it strikes a chord. This evidence supports what I’ve experienced during my entire football coaching and college teaching career – the pain of underachieving is the worst type of psychological pain. I’ve heard it from ex-players, from ex-students, and my own inner voice over and over again – should have done better, should have taken advantage of chances, should have gone full out. We miss what we piss away. No psychological pain is worse than realizing we threw away our potential because one of the worst hits we can suffer is when reality hits – life has no replay button. The bad news is that hit can knock us right out of the game. The good news is that it can knock sense into us and put us right back in the game. The difference between dropping out and coming back is what we’re made of.

What we’re made of always depends on what our team made us into. Our team is our support system, our inner circle, our network that makes it all work out or not work out. What we’re made of is the product of who mentors us. Our substance or lack of substance is directly proportionate to who built us or did not build us. All of us have crossed paths with those who gave us opportunities, whether we deserved them or not and whether we like them or not. What we do with those opportunities depends on how we exercise free will. We can take advantage of opportunities or we can trash them. The choice is ours. We control the decision. When we piss away opportunities, we tend to blame everyone except the true offender – ourselves. When we make the right choice, we tend to take all the glory by hogging the spotlight, conveniently ignoring those who sacrificed and struggled to mentor us.

Underachieving causes a chain reaction – frustration leads to regret leads to bitterness. The synonym for bitterness is inner hell. The bad news is that the chain reaction builds the exact same product every time – the hater. The good news is that we can solve the problem of underachieving before the chain reaction gains momentum. All we have to do is recruit the right mentors and the right team.

I’ve returned back to my workout music roots with my top 100 classic rock/for the first 100 days of 2014. Here’s one of that made the list – Sorrow by Pink Floyd… “One world, one soul.” A link to this classic is after my signature. #keeplifting


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