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R & R: The most neglected elements of coordinating a defense.

The most tedious and time-consuming part of film study is R & R – Reaction-Time and Response-Time. Calculating both the opponent’s defense and your defense’s R & R takes time, energy and patience. R & R times are the most important times in amateur football; more important than 40-times, 20-yard T-times, or any other popular times. The worst mistake made in coordinating a defense is ignoring R & R on a completed pass. Investing high-quality and high-quantity reps in R & R is the difference between getting slammed on defense and slamming shut an offense. Untrained R &R will get a defense sliced up for thousands of extra yards every season. It’s the difference between winning big and getting slaughtered.

Reaction-Time is the time a defender takes to decide on pursuit direction after a pass, of any length, is completed.

Response-Time is the defender’s travel time during the pursuit – the time between reaction and tackle.

Here’s the long and short of it: There is a direct correlation between yards after catch and winning. Yards after catch is one the top indicators that accurately predicts winning and losing. One way to stop a losing streak is to lower YAC.

Point #1.              Longer R & R equals longer yards after a catch, longer game, and even longer season – for your opponent.

Point #2.              Short R & R reduces yards after the catch.

Point #3.              “Yards after catch” is the equivalent of “Return on Investment (ROI)”. The pass is the initial investment. What you gain after is the return.

Point #4.              YAC don’t just happen – not by luck, not by accident, not randomly, and not overnight.

Point #5.              The battle between OC vs DC is the fight for ROI. The fight for maximum versus minimum return.

Point #6.              Nothing is more difficult in football than open-field R & R. The challenge of close-field R & R doesn’t come close to the challenge of open field R & R.

Point #7.              Calculate individual R & R. Put a stopwatch to all your defenders on every pass completion allowed, timing their reaction and response.

Point #8.              Calculate Team R & R.

Point #9.              Design curriculum intended to reduce individual and team R & R with structured learning outcomes achieved during live 11-on-11 practice.

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