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QB Killers

The #1 reason for quarterbacks’ failed potential is the coaching addiction to complexity. Football coaches who are obsessed with complicating the game are the #1 killers of QB potential.

Quarterbacking is the toughest job in all of sports because of the following 4 unique challenges:

  1. QBs are targets of extreme violence on every single play.
  2. Unlike boxers and MMA fighters, QBs are targets for shots after shots without the ability to attack or counter-attack with their own shots. 
  3. QBs depend on others on teammates for protection.
  4. No position in all of sports depends on processing more quantity of information on every play and making more high-quality Rapid Decision-Making (RDM).

No position in all of sports is tougher to develop than quarterbacking. No sport position requires a higher Reality IQ, defined as the combined effect of #streetsmarts and #booksmarts under intense 5th degree pressure. IQ is not created equal. There is Life-and-Death IQ that requires practical application of knowledge when life & health are on the line. Then there is Classroom IQ, the intelligence applied in the extreme comfort of the #SafePlace, inside a classroom or lab.

If your QB is underachieving, one of the 51 reasons is coaching ineptitude. The #1 reason for coaching ineptitude is addiction to complexity – making football as complicated and confusing as humanly possible. A confused QB will never, ever reach football #LevelPotential, referring to maximum potential at his current level. Confused QBs usually get labeled as failures – can’t make the cut. Stereotyping QBs as failures is the cheap, easy way to cover-up coaching incompetence.

There are 2 main reasons for the Football Coaches’ addiction to complexity are:

  1. Conformity. Everyone else does it. Join the crowd. Fit in.
  2. Intense fear. Fear of being different. Frightened to be original. Suffering from Approval Junkie Syndrome.

Here’s what I have taught all my assistant coaches for decades:

  • The #1 #secret to developing a QB’s God-given gifts and talents fully is to simplify the game as much as humanly possible.
  • Put your coaching ego aside. Don’t try to impress yourself, the rest of your team, and the world with how much you know.
  • When you simplify the game as much as humanly possible, your QB will achieve 5th Degree High-Performance. 100% Guaranteed.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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