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Psychology of Fat Loss – Part 5

“Get over it” is one of the most useless statements in the English language. It’s meaningless. It has no value. And it’s used by parrots who simply echo what they hear. No mind of their own. Here’s why: First, try telling them exactly how to get over it. Secondly, not getting back to it is powerful motivator. “Not getting over it” and “not want to get back to it” has been my most powerful motivation. Here’s a great example:

  • I have never gotten over being an obese, dysfunctional 12 year old and never will. It’s driven me during a seamless, uninterrupted workout career because I have vowed never to return to obesity. If I had “gotten over it” I would have gone back to it.

Trying to escape hell is a driving force for next-level athletic performance. If you want something bad enough, you have to not want something else even more. The Law of Survival – something has to be done to not let the worst happen. If you don’t take drastic action in the face of danger, the worst will happen. If you don’t do something to stop a threat, it will happen. The return of fat is a real threat in my life. If I don’t take action every day, history won’t repeat itself, I will repeat history. Fat will make a comeback. My job is to stop the comeback.

My point of this article is to find a driving force that will motivate you from within to achieve your goal of losing fat or not getting fat or both. Getting in shape starts at the top – mindset.



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