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Psychology of Fat Loss – Part 4: Lifting is a life-saver

My cure was iron. Lifting weights SAVED MY LIFE. Several times. Here’s how:

  • First, lifting weights helped transform my childhood obesity and dysfunctionalism.  Lifting weights was part of the fat-fighting trilogy – lifting weight, running, eating right.
  • Secondly, lifting weights saved me from a manual labour Darwinism that chewed up over 90% of my peers. It helped me survive my high school job – grueling factory work carrying 140-lb flour bags 8 hours a day, a merciless Darwinian process that cut 9 out of 10 student workers.
  • Third, lifting weights saved me from my grade 9 nightmare – not cutting it in high school football. Lifting weights developed from a lost-cause laughing-stock little league football player into a high school 60-minute varsity first-stringer right from the beginning of grade 9, where I started on both the junior varsity and varsity teams.
  • Fourth, lifting weight saved me my professional career goal. It helped me get hired a police officer at the age of 18 on my first shot at applying and helped me survive 15 years in front-line policing.
  • Fifth, lifting weight save my football coaching career. After my rookie head coaching debacle of a 1-7 season, lifting weights turned my losing team into undefeated 10-0 champions in just one year. And it has been the primary factor in all our championship since then and the next-level recruitment of over 200 players.
  • Sixth, lifting weights saved me from workplace hell and the prospect of retirement hell by letting me become a full-time business owner. In 2001, I opened my lifting business – X Fitness Inc., a 24-hour gym in Welland, Ontario. Best professional decision I ever made.
  • Seventh, lifting weight has saved me from aging. I’m 54 and have never been out-worked during a work-out.  And never will. I’m in better shape at 54 than I was at 24. Lift weights is an anti-aging miracle.
  • Eighth, lifting weights has let me be an athlete for life. Lifting weights is a sport. And I don’t have to retire from it. Retired is for the tired. Tired leads to retired – retired leads to tired.

These life-savers set my future goals:

  • To never retire
  • Never get tired
  • Never get out-worked during a work-out.
  • Lifting weights has transformed the lives of thousands of student-athletes I’ve coached and college law enforcement students I’ve taught. I have personally witness miraculous turnarounds. Those who have stuck it out in the gym have never failed to change their lives for the better.
  • Start lifting, Keep lifting. It can save your life. – continued

Gino Arcaro is a bestselling author who has transitioned from academic law enforcement textbooks to non-fiction motivational book.

His first book is Soul of a Lifter.

The book is a true story about how lifting is life-saving. Lifting lost souls is a two-way life-saver. So is lifting weights. Soul of a Lifter is about connections between lost souls who become souls of lifters. We all have the capacity to be a soul of a lifter, if we’re willing to lift others.

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