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Psychology always beats physiology

Psychology always beats physiology. All the natural talent in the world won’t save you if your mind is unnaturally weak. – from X Fitness Training Manual.

 Natural talent is only a resource. It has to be fueled to drive it. I have witness incredible wastes of natural talent because of lack of drive. Intellectual talent, physical talent…wasted because of lethargy and apathy.

Coaching football has taught me that there is no limit about how physical talent is wasted. Teaching college taught me that people will waste intellectual talent for a number of reasons. Laziness is not just an insult. It’s a problem that plagues society. Owning a business has taught me that laziness is the #1 killer of your business. Laziness will destroy everything you work for. Laziness will make you lose your entire investment. Laziness will make you go broke.

The real risk in business is not the business itself. The risk is laziness that, left unchecked, will spread like a virus and destroy your team. There is endless literature that claims to know the secret to winning in sports or business or any profession. Here’s the secret I’ve learned – laziness will single-handedly transform your team to losers. Laziness is guaranteed to lead to failure, by whatever definition you attach to failure.

Natural talent doesn’t matter. What matters is attitude. Mindset drives talent. Weak mind, weak body, weak team.