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Power of sprints

One way to lose your starting job on my football team is to slow down before the goal-line. Never ever slow down during sprints at any point but especially during the last 5 yards before the goal-line. Cross the goal-line at full speed or get benched. Slowing down before the goal-line is a sign of weakness. Slowing down before the goal-line gets you caught from behind. We do set after set after set of 100 yard sprints at the end of every practice for 3 reasons. First reason is to burn fat in mind, body, and soul. Nothing burns fat better than 100 yard sprints. The fitness industry thinks they invented sprints as fat-burners. They didn’t. Football coaches did. Second reason is to prevent the embarrassment of getting caught from behind. We have chasers sprint behind the ball-carrier who has a 5 yard head-start. Get caught from behind, get benched. Third reason is to build 4th quarter strength. Absolutely nothing is more embarrassing than getting run down in the 4th quarter. Dual meaning. Getting weak + tired and then getting your ass run over. The 4th quarter is Sacred in every game, practice, sprints, during every workout and every set. Those who get run down in the 4th quarter end up dead-last. Those who never get run down in the 4th quarter collect jewelry. It defies logic to let someone else become jewelry collectors. It makes no sense to let someone else win championship rings because you’re too spoiled, too lazy, too complacent, too hungover, too undisciplined to spill your guts. #nodaysoff streak continues tonight at 7:30. Life is too short to live it in dead-last.

#muchlove #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro


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