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Thank you for your patience while our website has been renovated.

Here’s Real-Life Lesson #2,552 that I’ve learned in two decades of surviving in self-generated business: don’t fool around with your website.

For two decades, building our website has been the equivalent of a fixer-upper project except we didn’t buy the broken down place to fix up. We built the mess and then tried to fix it. I’m a pre-Internet person. I worked over half of my professional life in the pre-Internet Era. Websites were not needed back then. I wrote about the pre-Internet Era in my Master’s degree thesis. I called it the Modern Era. The reason was that it was modern in comparison to what my poor, illiterate, immigrant Italian parents, Antonio and Maria, had experienced. Colour TV was modern. VHS tapes were modern. Answering machines were modern. Metallica was modern. Single-rep max was modern. Bulking up was modern. Running the ball on first down, second down, third down, and every down was modern. Talking face-to-face was modern. Shopping in-person was modern. The world was offline but it was modern.

The post-modern era started when ‘www’ became part of your name. The post-modern era accelerated when the pound sign on your phone became the prefix for catchphrases. Thumbs became the most worked-out body-part in the post-modern era. There’s been heated academic debate about the true definition of post-modernity. My Master’s Degree Professor had the best definition of post-modernity: “When things don’t make sense anymore.” He used the Beatles purchase of a psychedelic Bentley as an example. Bentleys were traditionally painted solid black. The Beatles caused chaos by challenging the accepted norm when they bought a psychedelic Bentley. Things didn’t make sense afterward.

Our original website became the equivalent of a psychedelic Bentley. It looked like a hoarder’s store-front. We crammed everything on the front page. New testimonial – cram it. New book – cram it. New podcast – cram it. New blog – cram it. When we ran out of room, we moved the website around. We became website fixer-uppers. Knock down a wall. Build a new wall. Take down a floor. Add a new floor. We proved Real-life Lesson #3,881 that I’ve taught football players for 40 years and college law enforcement students for two decades – it’s easier to be destructive than constructive. Be careful about confusing destruction with construction. Exercise caution. Exercise discretion. And exercise – in the gym.

The irony is that being destructive takes just as much effort as being constructive. I learned that lesson in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s working one of my part-time jobs with my Italian relatives. My job was knocking down walls. Knocking down a wall was stress-free. There was no pressure about doing a good job. The more you wrecked things, the higher your job performance. The only pressure was taking a break.  All you had to do was break things without taking a break. If you took a break, you heard about it – “KEEPAGO.”

“KEEPAGO” was better than any motivational quote. My poor, illiterate, immigrant, Italian relatives were better than any post-modern motivational speakers. “KEEPAGO” was the model of motivational efficiency that solved your deficiency. People spend a fortune on motivational speakers and motivational seminars. They spend time searching Youtube and Facebook for motivational videos. I didn’t have to pay for it. I got paid to learn true motivation from the very best motivators. Find a job working with poor, illiterate, immigrant Italians. “KEEPAGO” will help you separate from the rest – dual meaning. From your competition and from taking too many breaks.

Eight months ago we had a business meeting. We decided to renovate. The only way to fix-up the website was to knock it down. How long should a new website take to re-build?  My Italian relatives could have built a skyscraper faster than our website was re-built. I had a part-time job in late 1960’s and early 1970’s as a professional lifter. I carried a wheelbarrow full of cement from a cement truck to the floor of a new building where my poor, illiterate, immigrant, Italian relatives would sculpt it into a masterpiece floor. “KEEPAGO” solved any slow-downs. “KEEPAGO” pushed you to push the wheelbarrow faster and more often. There was no stress leave, no grievances, no workplace conflict consultants, no complaints to Human Resources.

“KEEPAGO” is in danger of extinction because some day L.I.F.T. will be outlawed – Loud Intense Forceful Talk. Someday, the volume of our voices will be monitored by an electronic wristband. If we talk too loud, an alarm will go off and we will get a warning to tone it down. Exercising the right to silence will replace exercising the right to L.I.F.T.    

Website renovations cause a mess worse than physical renovations to brick and mortar structures. For weeks, you pressed any link on our website or to our website and you got a message from the late 1990’s that says something in computer language which isn’t good for business. The message is the equivalent of another empty building in a depressed downtown. Bad optics. Online ghetto. You try to avoid it. You stay away from that part of town, offline or online.

During the renovations, I violated Real-Life Lesson #3,002 that I’ve taught students and athletes for decades – don’t ignore simplicity. Don’t complicate – facilitate. Simplicity is the foundation of all communication. “KEEPAGO” is a perfect example. One word, no ambiguity. Clear and concise. Nothing lost in translation. And it transcends language barriers. The first renovation I made was making the same mistake that I made with the first website – wrong message. The past has a way of getting in your way when it’s the only way you know. Here’s Real-life Lesson #6,999 that I’ve taught students and athletes for decades: the past is a double-edged sword – you can repeat it or delete it. The good parts of the past need to be repeated. They represent the positive reps that are guaranteed to build strength in mind, body, and soul. Negative reps have to be avoided. Negative reps are part of your past that weaken you. The strength-building process is never easy. You either #GetCut or #GetCut.

#GetCut or #GetCut is Real-life lesson #4,018 that I’ve repeated over and over to students and athletes. You either get defined by losing mind, body, and soul fat or you get cut from the process. Leaner is cleaner.  You define yourself by how you define yourself. My goal was to define our website – cut the fat before we got cut by customers. An overweight website can be crushing. The cause of an overweight website is irrelevance. Obese Communication is any communication where relevance is obscured by irrelevance. All communication has a core of muscle. It’s easy to pack on communication weight by adding pound and pounds of irrelevance.    

It’s easy to get side-tracked and forget your message. The most important part of any website is Messaging Consistency – continuity of ideology. The moment you sound like everyone else, you blend in the mainstream and get lost in the crowd. If you’re thinking of starting a business from scratch, here’s advice from what we’ve learned:

Don’t fool around with your website.

Don’t hire amateurs.

Hire professionals.

Be careful of amateurs disguised as professionals.

Don’t clutter your website.

Never ignore simplicity.

Focus on the relevant, eliminate the irrelevant.

Make sure it works.   

Our new website is a multi-media business. The mission is to lift. Our new website is centered on the concept of Blunt Talk Motivation that includes Blunt Talk Podcast, Blunt Talk Blog, and Blunt Talk videos. The links to the new website are the same as before and

Blunt Talk Podcast recently reached its 73rd country. Our blog had two, record-setting days in May. We have had 165 podcast guests, all who have a soul of a lifter. Each Blunt Talk Podcast is a free, permanently archived download at:  Each episode is guaranteed to lift. We are humbled and blessed to connect globally with tens of thousands of listeners, viewers, and readers.

Thank you again for your patience during our renovations.

Blessings & all good things.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Football Head coach – Niagara X-Men Football

Gym Owner – X Fitness Welland Inc.


Gino Arcaro is a widely published author. Currently, he is finishing another book in his non-fiction series: Mystery of Murder: Working with the Dead. All published books are available on on and www.Chapters/, in both soft cover and eBook format. Additionally, his website, features his books including:

Football coaching and non-fiction books: SWAT System: Offense and Defense, SWAT Tackling Video (with accompanying eBook), and 4th & Hell: Season One and Season Two

Business Books: Selling H.E.L.L. in Hell, True Confessions, and eBooks: Soul of Selling, and, Real Business Relationships = Sales

Fat Loss Book: Fat Losing

Workout System: eXplode: The X Fitness System

Motivational Books: Soul of a Lifter, and eBooks: The Pledge, and, The Focus

Children’s Books: Be Fit Don’t Quit, and, The Beauty of a Dream

Policing Textbooks: Arcaro’s Interrogation Case Law

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