Police character.

Policing changes you. Like any job, it’s transformational – good or bad.

Policing is a character in Soul of a Lifter. It connects the human characters. True stories are used to show how a profession acts as an intersection of unique but similar personalities. We all have a distinguishing character, a one-of-a-kind DNA. But we closely share ideas, interests, passion, even obsessions that connect us with kindred spirits, even unlikely ones.

Policing is not the only profession characterized in Soul of a Lifter. It’s one of many that link paths that cross purposefully.  We cross paths with countless people every day. Most pass by with an impact – no impact made on us, no impact made by us. But some don’t just pass by. They make a mark on our lives. Soul of a Lifter looks at how the most unlikely people impacted each other by not just crossing paths, but by staying in the path.

God really does work in mysterious ways.