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Here’s Real-life Lesson #9,222 that I’ve taught football players for 40 years and college law enforcement students for two decades – the difference between winning and losing on any field or in any field is the effects of PMS.

PMS refers to the Post-Modern Syndrome. The Post-Modern Syndrome is a condition worse than entitlement, worse than ordinary selfishness, worse than an ordinary privileged attitude, worse than ordinary spoiled behaviour and immaturity. PMS is delusion. PMS is a detachment from real-life. No connection with reality. PMS leads to the fictional life, a make-believe existence where you’re made to believe fantasy. The effects of PMS makes the PMS victim a threat to self and his/her team because not playing with reality interferes with playing the game, whether it’s a sport or profession. PMS victims won’t train for it, won’t prepare for it, won’t get in fighting shape for the fight. PMS will not lift you. It will depress you and your entire team.

PMS is not allegedly exclusive to Millenials. It afflicts all age groups in the Post-Modern Era. No one is safe from PMS. You have to protect yourself from catching PMS by strengthening your immune system in mind, body, and soul.  Don’t blame the Millenials for PMS. PMS is passed on like an inheritance by those who have passed on from real-life themselves. My #1 coaching challenge is fighting PMS because, left unchecked, the Post-Modern Syndrome will kill individual potential and team potential. Nothing is tougher in coaching than fighting PMS because you are outnumbered. You are fighting all of society.

Suffering from Post-Modern Syndrome makes you a threat to yourself and to your team. The main reason is that PMS interferes with the logic and rational thinking of doing the required work to survive in high-risk sports and high-risk professions. PMS has easily recognizable symptoms – softness. Weakness in mind, body, and soul. PMS manifests exactly the same way with indifference – indifference to what it takes to earn it. An indifference to fight for it. The PMS Effect causes an Attitude of Default – wanting to win by default and never, ever accepting fault for losing.  The PMS Effect engenders an attitude of forfeiture, of wanting to win by forfeit, without any resistance, without any opponent showing up to compete against you.

There are a number of reasons why I left a 6-digit college teaching/program coordinator salary. That list is too long for this blog article. Number 4 on the list was the PMS Effect – excessive exposure to PMS is depressing. You will never feel lifted surrounded by PMS. The Post-Modern Syndrome is contagious. You can catch it from excessive exposure. There is no immunity for PMS. There’s no vaccine to protect you from PMS. If it gets in your bloodstream, it will contaminate your mind, body, and above all, your soul. I left three professions in the prime of each career because trying to fight PMS in a confined space, day after day, is not a fight. You spend all your time fighting and not enough time training for the fight. At that point, you have to change the stage. Change fields. You need a different platform to build competitive balance.

PMS victims are not to blame. Post-Modern Syndrome is learned through negative conditioning and negative REPS. The number one element of negative conditioning is protection from wo/manual labour. Protection from heavy lifting. Protection from exertion. Protection from work. Protection from sweat and dirt. Protection from experiencing the number one element of maturation – the 8-hour shift.

Since the beginning of civilization, women and men have worked long shifts. And they carried weight, physically and psychologically. Carrying weight, both kinds, builds strength. But to make it safe, a progression is essential from light weight to heavy weight carried, both physically and psychologically. Too much or too little of either will crush you. Not enough makes you soft. So will too much too soon. But protection from carrying any weight whatsoever makes you weak. You will be too fragile to withstand the heavy weight that real-life will force you to carry, over and over again. The solution to how much weight to carry is leadership – mentoring and coaching.

Protecting adolescents from progressively carrying heavier weight stifles development in mind, body, and soul. The Post-Modern Era is characterized by mush. Softness. Soft minds, soft bodies. Extreme weakness is the outcome of PMS. It’s not a small problem. It reached a crisis in my academic world and my athletic world where I lived and worked. Protecting adolescents from carrying weight has been a team effort. Parents, teachers, coaches, and all social institutions that affect adolescent development have been accomplices in the spread of PMS. Those responsible for adolescent leadership in First World, Post-Modernity have abdicated their leadership responsibility. Instead of being leaders, they followed. Instead of being leaders, they became friends. Instead of being leaders, they became cheerleaders.

Adolescents are followers by nature. Following is part of the maturation process. The absence of leadership has resulted in Post-Modern Misleadership, resulting in PMS where adolescents are separated from reality. The distance isn’t a small gap. It’s an abyss. When I left my 6-digit salary as college law enforcement professor/program coordinator, I didn’t give up the fight against PMS. I changed platforms. I took the fight against PMS globally instead of locally. I have been blessed during forty years of football coaching to have eye-witnessed the true prevention and cure for PMS. The good news is that the fight against PMS can be won. The secret has been around since Adam and Eve. The secret will never change. What has to change is leadership, those responsible for adolescent development.

More good news. The fight against PMS will be won with commitment by leaders to lead instead of following. Football coaching and college teaching has taught me that despite suffering from extreme PMS, adolescents are willing and capable of changing.  They thrive of strong leadership. They have enough friends. They crave direction and guidance from leaders. The key element in leading PMS victims is lifting. There is no greater force on Earth than lifting others. Lifting others builds strength. There is no stronger expression of love than lifting others and strengthening others. Lift each other, love each other. It lifts every obstacle. This is a copyrighted excerpt of a new book that I’m writing intended to lift in the fight against PMS.

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Blessings & all good things.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Football Head coach – Niagara X-Men Football

Gym Owner – X Fitness Welland Inc.


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