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“Perfect Season” Streak

I’ve been blessed with a perfect streak – 40 consecutive seasons of no deaths, paralysis, broken necks, and no reported defensive concussions.  I love perfect seasons. Undefeated seasons are Sacred Memories because they teach lessons that will last a lifetime. Perfect seasons open your eyes to the connection between potential and possibilities. You will change your mind-set about pre-conceived limits that dictate how high you can raise the bar, and about #TheProcess needed to achieve the elusive “perfect season.”
But most of all, the concept of “perfect season” taught me to re-define “perfect season.” A perfect season is more that an undefeated playing record. A perfect season is a life-and-death issue. A perfect season is a perfect safety record – no paralysis, no broken necks, no brain injuries, no concussions and no deaths. During my 15-year police career, between 1975-1990, I investigated too many deaths. The volume of death changed my entire worldview. Coaching football is my escape from the morbid world of frontline policing, including death.

I love winning rings. Championships rings are symbols of #peace. They are reminders of #TheProcess, the price of first place. But rings have no value if they come at the cost of catastrophic injuries. No game, no sport is worth the loss of life or the loss of health. I love football as much as anyone. I’ve expressed my love for football by having coached for free, given free gym memberships, even paying the bills to operate my collegiate-aged team including paying to have my players scouted to help them stay in school and turn pro. But I don’t love the game enough to justify kids dying for it.

After my winless rookie head coach season in 1984, I made the biggest decision and best decision of my coaching career – banning shoulder-tackling and banning missed lifting-workouts. Shoulder-tackling and missed lifting-workouts are the two biggest threats to player safety. Football is a matter of life and death. It is unimaginable and unconscionable for young people to die or become paralyzed for life for playing a game.

Forty perfect seasons in a row didn’t just happen. It took a lot of heavy lifting and SWAT Tackling teaching. I have produced a video and e-book that explains our SWAT Tackling curriculum. It is available for purchase at SWAT Football.

Blessings and all good things to you and your players.



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