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Perfect Moment

Shape your life. Don’t wait for life to shape you.

Waiting for the perfect moment is a mistake because the perfect moment doesn’t just happen. You have to make your perfect moments. The imperfect moment is the time to try. The imperfect moment is the opportunity. The perfect time is the intended outcome. It’s what you’re trying to make from the imperfect time. The perfect time doesn’t just happen. It’s built. If you wait for the perfect moment to just happen, it will never happen because you have to make your own perfect time, often from scratch.

Opportunities are passed up because of bad vision, when you can’t see the possibilities because of fear. Anxieties obscure the potential in every opportunity. There’s no such thing as a bad opportunity. There’s only bad efforts. Every opportunity is a test of your free will. It’s a test to exercise your free will by taking or rejecting the opportunity and if you take it, there’s another test to make your perfect moment or waste the opportunity and make more imperfect moments.

Don’t blame others for turning down opportunities. Don’t blame circumstances. Don’t blame the negatives. Don’t make excuses for blown opportunities. Blame yourself. The reason that opportunities are turned down is they seem too hard. People walk away from opportunities because they look too difficult…too risky. Opportunities of a lifetime are turned down because the word ‘risk’ is misused and overused. Every opportunity has a degree of risk. Waiting for a risk-free opportunity is delusional because risk is inherent to every opportunity. Without risk, no achievement is possible. Zero risk, zero reward.

Risk strikes fear in the hearts of the poorly conditioned. Weakness makes you see only the risk in every opportunity. Fearing risk is a mask for fearing yourself – fearing your ability, fearing your will, fearing your capacity. Fearing the risk of an opportunity is the expression of paralyzing self-doubt. We are bombarded since birth by fear-mongers who try to fill us with self-doubt. Without fighting back, overwhelming self-doubt paints you in a corner…in a small box that limits your thinking and you’re doing. Eventually, playing it safe becomes a lifestyle. But playing it safe will not get you out of the box. The only way to escape the box is to think so far outside the box until the box disappears.

Excerpt from my next book. Thank you for visiting my website and taking time to read it.