Pandemic business: Zero x3 = more sales

Do less, earn more. The Pandemic Shutdown of the gym I own – X Fitness – taught our staff the Power of The Law of Unintended Consequences: Do less, earn more. Our gym membership sales and income have increased since Pandemic re-opening on July 24 for the following reasons:

  1. Minimalism. We do less of what we used to do, resulting in more income than we used to earn.
  2. Our minimalist approach has defied the conventional IBS – Internet BullShit – about building relationships, customer service, goal-setting, planning.
  3. Our minimalism is based on our new Zero x3 strategy:

(i) zero live contact with customers.

(ii) zero money spent on advertising, marketing, promotion, and all customer recruiting & retention strategies.

(iii) zero tolerance for customer complaining about our 3X membership price increase.

4. The Pandemic Shutdown forced us to drop out of the #RaceToTheBottom by competing with #RockBottomPrices. We raised our re-opening price 3X more than pre-Pandemic prices.

5. 98.6% of customers have not complained. The 1.4% who did complain were cut. Life is far too short to tolerate verbal abuse by customers that will cause stress leading to hospital rooms, waiting rooms, emergency rooms. Contrary to more IBS – Internet BullShit – the customer is not always right. Far from it. Customer complaining is deeply and profoundly unhealthy for both sides – the customer and employees. The result is a poisoned relationship that can kill you in mind-body-soul with life-threatening toxicity and stress. Cutting the 1.4% has been a life-saver. 

6. All contact with customers has been by phone and email. Zero live contact. None. The amount of time spent during pre-Pandemic business conversing with gym members about life problems, work problems, sports problems was incalculable. Its easy to fool yourself that casual conversations with customers builds relationships. They don’t. They build the wrong type of relationships, the same relationships outside of business that lead to stagnation and frustration. Zero live communication has been a life-saver.

7. Zero money spent on customer recruiting & retention was a no-brainer. The Pandemic Shutdown and crime committed by criminals to our business during the Pandemic Shutdown caused a financial crisis. When we couldn’t afford to spend on conventional customer recruiting strategies, we did what has always worked in every other job we have had – natural attention & natural attraction by natural distinction. Works attract more than words.

8. Doing less of what we used to do has taught us the true meaning of relevance. If you don’t identify precise relevance fast, you will become irrelevant fast.

9. The Pandemic Shutdown forced us to launch an investigation – an investigation of ourselves. Without investigating yourself, mysteries increase. More mystery, more misery.

10. Policing, college teaching, football coaching, and my poor illiterate Italian immigrants all taught me the secret to building meaningful, lasting relationships – don’t be a bullshitter. Don’t an asshole, be a lifting soul. True relationships are built by authenticity, honesty, and a deep, profound desire to lift others in mind-body-soul. Natural self, natural brand. Unnatural brand builds unnatural relationships. What is manufactured, will fracture.

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Gino Arcaro

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